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First-Ever Virtual Tea Festival - Japanese Green Tea Co. at International Virtual Tea Festival 2020

Do you miss all the tea festivals and events?

We do.

Japanese Green Tea Co. had a booth at the first-ever Virtual Tea Festival at the International Virtual Tea Festival happening on November 7 and 8, 2020.

In case you missed it, here is the video we recorded from the event.

In the video, I am showing images and videos of how the dirt is being mixed and spread throughout the farm in Shizuoka, Japan, and sharing videos of the tea farm shot from a drone in the sky.

In this video, I am showing our Tokoname teapot and explaining about the teapot. The conversation with the visitor blooms into talking about cold-brewing Japanese tea.

In this video, a visitor asks what Matcha is, so I am explaining matcha and showing images of matcha covering the tea farm.

In this video, a visitor asks about the differences between Costco's Itoen teabag and our tea bag, so I am explaining the differences.

In this short video, a visitor asks what she should know about water and Japanese tea, so I am explaining what she should know about water to make the tea taste better.

Here are some of the detail about each of the term Kei is explaining:

Here is more about the event:

COVID-19 has hit so hard this year that none of the events that we participate in have decided to close down this year.

The Chicago International Tea Festival, though, decided to take a huge leap into the future by hosting the first-ever virtual tea festival. Yes, Virtual!

When they announced this earlier in the year, we jumped on the opportunity to have a booth at the festival, and we are so lucky and proud to be accepted as one of the vendors at this historical event in the tea industry.

I think that this event is truly unique in history. Other organizations are doing "one-way" presentations like the YouTube Live type of event where you watch people talk. But with this one, you get to participate in the festival.
Let me explain more.

Did someone say tea festival?

In this event, people were browsing around and visiting vendor booths using Zoom.
(I think you know what Zoom is by now, but in case you do not, it is a tool that allows you to video chat with people.)

So it was really like you were at the Tea Festival, where you visited each booth, chatted with each Tea vendor, and had some tea.

People get to pick which booth to visit, and they could turn on your webcam or keep the video off (if they were in pajamas, I guess!) and only have the voice activated.

I was at the booth live all the time (except when I needed to go to the bathroom after drinking too much tea) and chatted about tea and hung out.

I mentioned earlier that we have been working hard for things coming in November, and this is one of them.


Events We Participated in the Past (Good old time..)

Here are some of the other events in which we participated and the pictures and videos from past events.

NW Tea Festival

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