Japanese Green Tea Co. Award-Winning Green Tea

Over the years Japanese Green Tea Co has received numerous awards and public recognition for our exceptional range of fine-quality green teas. Discover a few of our most notable awards and recognition below, plus our top three, award-winning teas!

Globaltea Championship
Winner of the loose leaf
In 2017
Winner of the
In 2018
Winner of the loose leaf
In 2019
*Since 2020 the championship has been halted due to covid.

The Global Tea Championship™ is an independent competition, judged by tea professionals to distinguish the highest quality and best-tasting teas commercially available in the world. Arahataen Green Tea has won the Global World Tea Championship three years in a row, from 2017 to 2019*. Our green tea was the winner in two categories, loose-leaf steamed green tea and matcha.

Japanese Green Tea Co.

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Japanese Green Tea Co.

Notable Awards

Our teas have been winning awards for over 50 years!
Here is a collection of our most notable awards.

#1 Best Selling Green Tea 2020
Achieved #1 Best Selling Green Tea in 5 categories—tea bag, Japanese tea, Shizuoka tea, deep steam tea, and Yabukita tea. Ranking first among 100,000 items on Rakuten Inc. Which is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and ranks 14th in the world for online sales volume.
National Best Tea Award
Achieved the National Best Tea Award by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (農林水産大臣賞). Awarded in 1974, 1975, 1979, & 2010.
Best-Selling Green Tea in Japan
Japanese Green Tea Company had a booth at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas in June 2018. World Tea Expo is the largest expo for tea in the world. Japanese Green Tea Company was invited as the Winner of the World Tea Championship in 2017.
Won Gold at the FoodEX Japan
FoodEX Japan 2019 | 美食女子 Award 2019. Our Diet Pu-erh tea won Gold in the drink category at the international food and beverage exhibition.
Shizuoka Furusato Prize
Won 1st in the Shizuoka Furusato Prize, in 2009. しずおかふるさと食品コンクール 静岡県知事賞(最優秀賞)受賞)
National Tea Award
1971 | National Tea Award
1972 | National Quality Of Tea Award

Japanese Green Tea Co.

Notable Recognition

Here are some of the most celebrated achievements and recognitions we have received over the years.

Apart Of The Agricultural Heritage Systems
To create the best dirt for our tea plants, our farm uses the traditional "Chagusaba Method". This method was officially designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System by The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in May 2013. We are registered as the #1 practitioner for using this method.
Certified Member of AVPA
The Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products, AVPA, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization mainly composed of producers and taste enthusiasts. The association's goal is to enhance the value of agricultural products and to recognize the excellence of certain producers too often forgotten in the midst of mass marketing.
Booth At World Tea Expo
Japanese Green Tea Company had a booth at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas in June 2018. World Tea Expo is the largest expo for tea in the world. Japanese Green Tea Company was invited as the Winner of the World Tea Championship in 2017.
Top 10 In Yoga Digest
Our Tea was listed in the Top 10 New and Note-worthy Picks For Spring by Yoga Digest Magazine in March 2017.

Kei Nishida | CEO

Awards & Recognition

Kei Nishida is the CEO of Japanese Green Tea Co. Over the years, Kei has contributed to numerous magazines, blogs, podcasts, and news sites. His avid knowledge and passion for Japanese green tea shine through each word he writes. Discover his list of features and ongoing contributions to the world of tea enthusiasts below!

Monthly Blogger For Award-Winning T-Ching Blog
Kei Nishida writes a tea-related article every month on T-Ching Blog. T-Ching was awarded as the Best Tea Blog by the World Tea Awards in 2016.
Featured On Fresh Cup Magazine
Kei Nishida is a regular author for Fresh Cup Magazine. His articles have been featured multiple times in the magazine. Fresh Cup Magazine is the leading coffee and tea magazine, distributing more than 180,000 prints a year.
J-Weekly Feature
J-Weekly is a Japanese newsletter in San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, circulating 33,000 copies every Friday. In the September 2018 issue of J-Weekly, Kei Nishida's article about matcha, sencha, and gyokuro was featured on a full page.
Matcha Book Featured By Ingram Advance
Kei Nishida is the author of multiple books related to matcha and green tea including the popular recipe book Cook with Matcha and Green Tea. Cook with Matcha and Green Tea was featured in the October 2018 issue of Ingram Advance.
World Tea News Feature
World Tea News features the Japanese Green Tea Company in its May 14, 2018, article, World Tea Expo Country Tour: Matcha Demand Marks Japanese Tea Market. The article features the opinions of Kei Nishida, CEO of Japanese Green Tea Company, about the green tea trend in Japan as a result of an interview conducted by World Tea News. World Tea News quotes the Japanese Green Tea Company as "Not-to-miss Booths at World Tea Expo."
Bento Box Magazine Feature
Bento Box Magazine is Toronto-based and Canada’s first Japanese culture and entertainment magazine which is published in English. Bento Box Magazine features Kei Nishida's article in three months sequence series titled "The Matcha and Green Tea Trends in Japan."
Leaf & Bean Magazine
Leaf & Bean Magazine is the leading magazine in India about tea and coffee. The magazine is distributed to the tea and coffee industry specialists in India and all over the world. Japanese Green Tea Co’s article was featured as the head article for the issue and was four pages long, explaining how Japanese green tea can be enjoyed.
UJP News Feature
The U.S. Japan Publication, N.Y. publishes a monthly business newspaper called “KIGYO GAIKYO NEWS,” (AKA UJP News) which has 22,000 circulating copies throughout The United States, targeting business owners and corporate executives of Japanese companies handling business in the USA. The February 2019 issue of the US-Japan Publications newsletter features Kei Nishida’s article about the green tea trend in the USA.
Vancouver Business Journal
The November 30, 2018, issue of Vancouver Business Journal mentions Kei Nishida, CEO of Japanese Green Tea Company. Kei has been taking a night class to learn about social media for business for over three years. The article is about the course and mentions Kei and the Japanese Green Tea Company.

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