In the 21st century, people are ever more often deciding to live healthy lifestyles. They eat better than they did before. They exercise. To be a part of this trend toward better overall health, we import superior authentic Japanese green tea.

Our Mission: to improve our customers' overall health by providing magnificent Japanese Green Tea delivered with industry-leading customer service.

Our tea is the No. 1 seller on the Rakuten website in Japan and is only grown there under the most stringent quality controls.  We're proud to be the only place where you can get this premium green tea in the United States. 

Our tea is high in catechin, which is good for your overall digestion. It's rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, contains no cholesterol or sodium, and contributes to your skin's smoothness. It also has less caffeine and more nutrients than other teas, green or otherwise. When it comes to Japanese Green Tea, we're definitely "in-the-know." Our philosophy comes from with"in" our commitment to excellence, and we're determined to help you feel better "in"side. Our name Japanese Green Tea "in" comes from this philosophy. 

We farm our tea plants only through use of the Chagusaba Method. As our ancient forebears did, we harvest silver pampas grass and other succulents to create the mulch we use as topsoil. This mulch helps form the best dirt in the world for growing green tea, which is why our tea is as nutrient-filled and tasty as it is.

As a business, we place a high priority on community involvement and charitable giving. We currently donate 10 percent of our profits to One Child Matters. To take advantage of all we have to offer and help us support a worldwide effort to lift children out of poverty, contact us to get some of our highest-quality green tea today.

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Japanese Green Tea

All our products are vegetarian and 100% made in Japan, all natural green tea with no additive.

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Japanese Green Tea and Health

The Ancient Chagusaba Method: Sustainable Farming Makes for Uncommonly Sweet and Healthy Green Tea
The Ancient Chagusaba Method: Sustainable Farming Makes for Uncommonly Sweet and Healthy Green Tea

by Kei Nishida

Of all the many varieties of tea, green tea has been enjoyed by humans for millennia and is renown for the differences in its taste, bouquet and appearance. Like fine wine, the differences in green tea are largely determined by the type of leaf, the soil, the climate in which the shrub is grown and how the leaves are processed.

Many connoisseurs of tea consider Japanese green tea cultivated by the Chagusaba method to have an exceptionally sweet taste.  Read more to learn how this ancient method is still being preserved in parts of Japan and the world to create precious sweet and healthy rare green tea.

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Japanese Green Tea and Diabetes - 10 Reasons Why It is Good for Prevention and Management
Japanese Green Tea and Diabetes - 10 Reasons Why It is Good for Prevention and Management

by Kei Nishida

According to the Center for Disease Control, almost 30 million Americans have diabetes, and 25% of those do not even know it. Preventing diabetes is a critical part of reducing its long-term health detriments that it is doing to our country. The number of people who suffer from diabetes continues to rise, and another 86 million American adults have prediabetes. Without intervention, up to 30% of people with prediabetes go on to develop type 2 diabetes within a period of five years.

When you have diabetes, your main goal to stay healthy is to regular your blood sugar. Many people use prescription medication and insulin to do this, but studies strongly suggest that drinking green tea can also make diabetes more manageable. Here are ten reasons why green tea is good for the prevention and management of diabetes.

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Steeping Guide

Steeping Guide - Hot

  1. Dissolve 2 teaspoon of powder into 8 Oz of hot water. We recommend about 175°F for most common green tea.

    Please note that our product page has different recommended temperature based on type of tea between 175°F- 185°F; however, 175°F can be the most common and standard temperature that would work for any type of our green tea.

    Steeping Guide on

  2. Wait for 60-120 seconds  (Please follow steeping guide on the product for specific time based on type of tea.)

  3. Use mesh strainer to filter out the green tea leave and serve hot

Steeping Guide - Cold

  1. Dissolve 3-4 teaspoon of powder into 30 Oz of cold water.  For best result, use filtered water, bottled water. Alternatively, you can boil water and let it cool down until room temperature. 

  2. Keep in refrigerator for 3 hours or more. Key point is to use longer time to disolve. This way, sweetness increases, and it does not break down theanine and vitamine C.  For best result, let it sit for overnight. 

  3. Stair the water first, then use mesh strainer to filter out the green tea leave and serve cold.