5 Japanese Green Tea Recipes to Make with Your Family and Strengthen Relationships

September 04, 2021

5 Japanese Green Tea Recipes to Make with Your Family and Strengthen Relationships

Japanese green tea, or matcha, is a characteristic flavor that is not only popular in Japan but all over the world.

It is traditionally brewed in tea ceremonies, however, many people also brew it to drink at home on a regular basis.

The slightly sweet, bitter, and earthy flavor incorporates well into desserts and other recipes beyond just the tea itself, and making these recipes with your family can be a fun and engaging way to strengthen your relationships.

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5 matcha recipes to try with your family

Matcha cakes

Any of your favorite cake recipes can be livened up with the bright and refreshing flavor of matcha green tea.

matcha cake

Simply add some matcha powder to your dry ingredients before incorporating the wet ingredients. Here is one great recipe, but don’t be afraid to experiment with your own favorites.

Matcha ice cream

Matcha ice cream is a perfectly refreshing end to your meal and this easy recipe is a great way to incorporate your children into the process.

matcha ice cream

Simply make a paste out of your matcha powder to add to your sweetened cream mixture and pour it into an ice cream maker. Kids will love to see the liquid turn into ice cream in just a couple of hours.

Matcha infused rice

Not all matcha-infused recipes have to be desserts. This rice recipe takes advantage of the more savory notes that matcha tea has to offer.

Cooking sushi rice with matcha powder will infuse the earthy flavor into the fragrant rice, making a nutritious meal that kids will love because of the fun green color.

Add veggies, fish, or meat or simply garnish with nori and scallions.

Matcha madeleines

Matcha madeleines are the perfect cross between a crisp cookie and a soft cake.

These treats for children and adults alike get their shapes from a specialized baking tray, but you can make this recipe in a small muffin tin or any kind of small mold.

Matcha mochi

Mochi is a classic Japanese rice flour cake that pairs perfectly with the flavor of matcha tea.

matcha mochi

The rice flour creates the classic bounce, while coconut milk and matcha powder sweeten the delicious dessert. Kids will love the chewy texture and adults will enjoy this simple process.

Strengthening your relationships

Making time for your family can be difficult when you are busy or there are many other things going on. Many families struggle to bond because they are so busy with work, school, or household chores.

This is why creating delicious recipes together can be a great way to strengthen your relationships. Not only are you spending quality time together, but you are also teaching your children about Japanese culture, helping them learn important skills, and using the time wisely to create a meal.

Incorporating a new or unique ingredient like matcha tea can make the cooking or baking process more engaging for everyone involved and bring the family together in a wonderful way.

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