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17 Tea Blogs that Would take your Tea Experience to the New Level

November 25, 2020

17 Tea Blogs that Would take your Tea Experience to the New Level

There are so many sites out there that talks about tea but let me tell you straight the 17 most useful and captivating tea blogs that would surely make you time worthy to read into.

Oolong Owl (


OOlong Owl



Oolong Owl is a tea and shop website that reviews different kinds of teas and tea wares. You could also easily browse the blog through its tea review index, categorizing the entries per name brand of the tea or per type. There are also entries about travels and recipes using tea leaves. 

My Japanese Green Tea (


This blog talks about everything about all kinds of Japanese tea. The entries are so intricate, it will tour you to every history, processing and the health benefits of different Japanese teas. Still want to learn about Japanese tea while driving? This site has its own podcast that you can tune into!

By Golly, Ollie! (

By Golly, Ollie!


This blog contains YouTube videos about tea and book recommendations and been doing this for quite a decade now. As stated, though Jackie, the owner of this site made several changes and facelifts both as to the layout and content, she keeps on coming back to talk about her much-loved topics – tea and books. You won’t find the site boring as there are lots of tea videos as well if you find reading to be tiring.

 Teacups and Things



Kait, a Canadian-based lifestyle blogger is an avid supporter of local tea and teacup shops. She collaborates with local shops that she could promote in her blogs. Her blog also has an online shop. Aside from teas, Kait also talks about lifestyle travel, food and beauty in her blog. She makes sure to keep your browsing easy breezy by category.

My tea Vault (

My Tea Vault


Lisa is also an avid fan of tea and her blog is insightful about the dos and don’ts of drinking teas and their health benefits. Her blog reviews are well organized that you could search her reviews depending on the type of tea you want to read. Even the tools and books related to tea processing are being reviewed in this blog.

 Life's A Cup Of Tea (


This blog is a travel, tea and food blog. Though it contains random thoughts, most of the entries talk about teas. This blog has been awarded as Top 100 Tea Blogs & Websites For Tea Enthusiasts in 2020. Some of its entries also talk about travels and food that usually goes with every favorite tea.

TeaDB (


This site is a favorite one with comments section that you could find in every entry and are really talked about. The category index is also easy to follow since it is on the side bar of every page of this site. This site is usually commended for conducting all of the detailed research and having video reviews that are informative and actually worth watching.

Tea with Friends


Angela McRae’s Tea with Friends site talks about tea, not just the drink itself, but anything related to it: from mugs, to books and arts. This is a well updated site which has monthly entries in various quantities. Labelled hashtags are also provided in the side bar for easy references. This blog and online shop has also been awarded as Top 100 Tea Blogs & Websites For Tea Enthusiasts in 2020. 

Tea End Blog (

Tea End Blog

Fashionista Gabie dedicates this blog for all those who love self-care through various things, one of them would be tea. She talks about tea with enthusiasm as well as her love for reading while sipping her favorite cup. She converts this blog into her journal about clothes, books and teas. The layout is also captivating as she plays with colors and wonderful photos of teas, cups and books flat lays.

Life is Better with Tea


Mary Ann focuses on loose tea leaves for her readers. She educates her readers as to the different types of teas and how to brew them according to the instructions. She also dictates all the health care benefits of each tea. If you find drinking tea monotonous, she also has variety of recipes and other uses to choose from of your tea.

Mel Had Tea (


Mel is a photographer that has passion for rare teas and thick books. She also blogged her experience living in a Japanese tea farm, that is why you could find her entries about Japanese tea as credible. Being a photographer, her portfolios are eye catching with superb pictures. On a side menu, there are also portfolio about people and you will certainly love to see her candid pictorials.

Tea Deviant (


Tea Deviant is a blog with video updates via YouTube that talks about, of course, tea. However, this is not just about tea as a drink, but this blog talks about a myriad of things about tea, like the different ways the beverage is made and enjoyed, its history, tea in design, tea and TV, tea events, unique tea uses and sitting down with music pros to have a chat over tea. Cassandra Vincent, the blog owner, also collaborate with other tea experts through her “Guest Blog” links to talk more about your favorite cup of drink.

Hanamichi Flower Path


This blog is owned by Heather Porter, a tea enthusiast and a Certified Tea Specialist (STI) living in the Pacific Northwest. She is also a student and member of Kabuki Academy, studying and performing classical Japanese dance for over fifteen years. The name of her blog is very interesting as Hanamichi connotes two meanings. One, it consists of a raised platform or runway that leads from the main stage, through the audience, to the back of the theater and two, it is also a reference to the tea fields and the lovely blossoms of the tea plant, camellia sinensis. The name itself talks so much about the blog owner loves.

 Steep Stories by Lazy Literatus


Could be said that there are only few males around the tea blogging industry, Goffrey Norman tracks down unique teas, unique tea growing regions, epic tea stories, and interesting tea people behind those stories. The good thing about this blog is that, as admitted by Geoffrey himself, this is not a tea review blog but entries about tea stories and those people behind it.

Tea Squirrel (


The Tea Squirrel tea site has about one to three entries per month that talks about anything referring to teas, but focuses more on tea tasting and tea recipes. Blogger Anna talks about the perfect sweet combination for your favorite cup of drink, how tea captures the culture of a certain country or how beneficial tea is from a stressful, busy life.

Tea for Me Please


The owner of this site, Nicole, who is from North America is expressive with her love for teas. Her site focuses on the root of all cause - the camellia sinensis and also been doing this for a decade already. It has been featured in a lot of tea websites such as worldtea, Nomad Tea Festival, The Daily Tea and Chicago International Tea Festival.

Hello Teacup (


Hello Tea Cup concentrates more on Chinese teas and anything related to it, such as Chinese food, culture and tea shops. The blog categories are extensive where you could choose from tea guides, recipes, history, business news, starting a tea business, benefits, culture, videos and others that you might find helpful to obtain information about Chinese tea.

Steeped Dreams (

Steeped Dreams

Steeped Dreams

Raquel created her blog, Steeped Dreams, as a creative way to learn more about tea, while educating and inspiring tea beginners from around the world. Steeped Dreams' mission is to connect everyday tea drinkers with smaller tea online tea companies that you can't find on the grocery store shelf. In addition to tea reviews, the author also writes informative, evidence-based articles, meaning all facts are sourced from credible resources to ensure readers get the most factual information.


Did we miss your favorite tea blog?  If so, please let us know by contacting us here

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3 Responses


September 05, 2021


Its very pleasant to read your blogs , highly useful and good . Thanks for giving us a nice delicious tea articles very unique and good informative as well . Please do more tea blogs .

Halmari Tea

July 29, 2021

Great post Kei Nishida! great list of tea blogs.Thanks for sharing such an informative article.

Phillip peters

January 02, 2021

I always read Tea Deviant! I have learned so much about tea and many other things. Definitely recommend it!

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