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Where to Buy Quality Matcha and Japanese Tea Outside Japan

June 05, 2023

Where to Buy Quality Matcha and Japanese Tea Outside Japan

I oftentimes receive inquiries from our Japanese green tea followers, asking whether the Japanese Green Tea Co. offers shipments to countries outside the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. (Click here to learn how to get free shipping in these four countries.)

To answer the question simply, Yes. 

The Japanese Green Tea Company does ship worldwide. Unfortunately for many, international shipping costs to foreign countries can be very expensive. So, I came up with what I hope is a helpful solution.

I have been doing some research to uncover some purveyors who may offer good green tea options in countries outside Japan and the United States. I want my customers to have an alternative to our premium, tasty Japanese green tea matcha and sencha if shipping costs from our company to their country would be prohibitive.

The following list has been compiled from my research. In many of the companies on the following list, I have had a personal and positive experience.


  • Austria

    Demmers TeeHaus (https://www.demmersteahouse.com)
    The proprietor of Demmers TeeHaus is London-born Andrew Demmer. He opened his first tea shop in Vienna and now owns 10 chain shops throughout Austria. Demmers Teehaus has membership in the Austrian Coffee and Tea Association and the Austrian Tea Institute. With its exceptional focus on quality and variety, this company has expanded beyond just private sales to also include a purveyor to Vienna coffee houses, restaurants, and hotels throughout Austria. In its product line-up, Demmers Teehaus offers 300+ teas, tea blends, and accessories, including Japanese green teas and matcha powder. Its varietal selection of green tea includes Gyokuro, Sencha, and Matcha. Demmers Teehaus is committed to quality assurance in its producing countries. Environmentally friendly and controlled tea farms. 

    Click here to visit Demmers Teehaus.

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  • Bulgaria

    Ocha (https://ocha.bg/en/)
    Ocha or Fujiyama Trading Ltd. is the first Bulgarian company to bring premium-grade green tea from Japan to Bulgaria. The company aims to educate the Bulgarian market about the amazing health benefits that authentic and high-quality green tea has.

    They source their green teas in different parts of Japan. Sencha is famous for its anti-aging and anti-cancer properties, which are directly sourced in Shizuoka. Gyokuro and Matcha which are known for their weight loss and energy-boosting benefits, are sourced in Uji, a small town in Kyoto, Japan.

    The company also sells different types of tea accessories that are designed to go hand in hand in crafting gokuro, matcha, and sencha tea.

    Click here to visit Ocha.

  • Cyprus

    Tea House Cyprus (https://www.teahousecy.com/)
    Tea House Cyprus is a Cyprus-based tea company that sells premium-quality stone-ground matcha that is directly sourced in Japan. Stoneground matcha is a meticulous step in increasing chlorophyll, which turns the green tea leaf dark green and also gives it a rich taste and aroma.

    Click here to visit Tea House.

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  • Finland

    Teepolku (https://teepolku.fi/)

    TEEPOLKU is a Finland-based company that brought a wide range of tea varieties to the Finnish market. From green tea to spicy tea, this Finnish company offers teaware too! The company is a one-stop shop for all the tea lovers out there. The brand also creates informative courses and videos that educate their consumers on the process that these premium-quality teas went through to achieve their good yet distinct taste and aroma. They also educate their consumers on how to properly prepare and enjoy the different tea variants. Drinking a cup of tea is an artistic process, and it requires patience to be able to fully enjoy its flavor and health benefits.

    Click here to visit Teepolku.

  • France

    Kumiko Matcha (https://kumikomatcha.fr/)
    Kumiko Matcha is a French company that sells premium grade matcha powder, ceremonial matcha accessories, tea sets, and matcha-based treats. Kumiko is a Japanese term that means "eternal beauty," and we all want to be eternally beautiful, right? 

    From its humble and inspiring beginnings, Kumiko Matcha grew into a sustainable company that strives to give its consumers authentic and high-quality ceremonial matcha. The company aims to give its customers a better quality of life and a healthier lifestyle.

    Plus, they sell books that will educate you on incorporating matcha into your lifestyle. Which can be a great coffee table book! And did I mention their delicious organic vegan truffles with dark chocolate and matcha? It is a MUST try for every matcha lover out there.

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  • Germany

Japanese Green Tea Co. (https://www.JapaneseGreenTeaIn.com)
Japanese Green Tea Co. now offers popular products for free shipping to people in the UK! Japanese Green Tea Co. is our company that aims to provide high-quality, flavorful, and aromatic green tea in the US market. They directly source their products from Arahataen Green Tea Farm, located in Shizuoka, Japan. 

Click here to see which products are available for free shipping.

Teekenner (https://www.teekenner.de/)
If you’re looking for organic and sustainably grown tea, then Teekenner has all the things that your tea-loving heart needs. Teekenner ensures their customers that they source all their tea from family-owned organic tea farms in China, Taiwan, and Japan, which follow the traditional way of cultivating, harvesting, and brewing tea leaves. The company prides itself on the fact that their teas are grown and carefully cultivated on farms and not in factories. The brand also ensures fair trade. They make sure that tea farmers and employees are paid justly while reassuring their consumers that they get the best bang for their buck in terms of quality and quantity. Teekenner’s tea varieties, with the exception of traditional Pu Erh teas, are 100% pesticide-free. 

Click here to visit Teekenner.

    • Hungary

      Manutea (https://www.manutea.hu/)
      If you’re looking to try a wide variety of teas and tea fusions, Manutea is the store for you! This awesome Hungarian company offers high-quality and delicious tea to their customers. From the usual green, black, yellow, or white tea to tea fusions and coffee, the company is basically the tea paradise in Hungary.

      The awesome thing about Manutea is that they offer a wide range of tea and they classify which will be helpful for your health problem or needs. Whether you are suffering from insomnia, stress, skin problems, joint pains, diabetes, or menopause, they have teas that will relieve your condition.

      Click here to visit Manutea.

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    • Iceland

      Tealyra (https://www.tealyra.com/)

      Tealyra is an Icelandic company that sells premium-quality loose, bagged, matcha, and blooming teas that cater to every person’s daily tea cravings and needs. They also offer teaware and dried fruits and candies, which pair well with their selection of teas.

      The company is also famous for its often difficult-to-find moringa tea, which has amazing weight loss and health benefits. And not to mention, they sell delicious tea blends that will help jumpstart your day. Their Cinnamon Sweet Apricot Chai, Chocolate Chai, Honey Peach Blossom, Nirvana Calm Down, and Orange Lemonade are the absolute crowd favorites. Not only because they taste good, but they also offer amazing health benefits!

      Click here to visit Tealyra
    • Sweden

      House of Tea (https://www.houseoftea.se/)

      House of Tea is a Swedish company that offers a wide range of high-grade tea leaves. They offer organic white, yellow, green, oolong, black, rooibos, Vitt, Pu-Erh, Darjeeling, flowering, jasmine, and flavored teas. They also offer yerba mate, herbs, tea-infused candies, teaware, and accessories. This brand is truly a one-stop-shop for tea lovers out there! Tea has been part of most people’s daily lives. It’s delicious, relaxing, and revitalizing, and it’s packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that are essential to keeping our mind and body strong and free from toxins. House of Tea sources its products from ethically cultivated tea farms in Japan, Taiwan, the Himalayas, South Korea, and China.

      Click here to visit House of Tea

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    • Switzerland

      Teaura (https://teaura.ch) is a European-based artisanal tea brand that blends expertise and premium quality tea to give consumers who are looking to elevate their daily lives through holistic relaxation. They have been awarded the EcoCert for their efforts in improving and promoting good environmental and societal practices. The brand is also promoting a lifestyle that focuses on reflection, relaxation, and savoring the moment. They offer a wide range of tea varieties that are sourced from sustainable estates in China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Africa and have gone through a meticulous and artistic process to ensure their quality. And, to complete the whole experience, Tèaura offers teaware, recipes, and instructions on how to properly craft and enjoy a certain type of tea. The process of brewing and drinking tea is a ritualistic process that helps us dig deeper into our spiritual, emotional, and psychological core.

      The founders, Jamie and Bauhinia, are big fans of Japanese tea and spent the best part of a whole year tasting different suppliers from Japan and finding the best ones.

      Click here to visit Teaura

    • United Kingdom

      Japanese Green Tea Co. (https://www.JapaneseGreenTeaIn.com )
      Japanese Green Tea Co. now offers popular products for free shipping to people in the UK! Japanese Green Tea Co. is our company that aims to provide high-quality, flavorful, and aromatic green tea in the US market. They directly source their products from Arahataen Green Tea Farm, located in Shizuoka, Japan. 
      Click here to see which products are available for free shipping.

      Matcha Kineta (https://www.ilovematchatea.co.uk/)
      Matcha Kineta is an awesome tea company that sells organic and high-grade matcha green tea, matcha infused energy bars, and tea sets. Matcha has now become a great alternative for coffee drinkers who are looking to be energized without a sudden spike or crash. Green tea is known to have high levels of caffeine. However, unlike coffee, it gives drinkers a gradual boost and a gradual decrease in energy. It also helps with focus and memory retention, and it's also rich in antioxidants, which make you feel and look young! Kineta strives to give its customers high-quality shade-grown green tea that is specifically sourced from a family-owned and organic tea farm in Nishio, Japan. The brand encourages its customers to live a healthy lifestyle full of energy and vibrancy. 
      Click here to visit Matcha Kineta.

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    Asia and Pacific

    • Australia 

      Japanese Green Tea Co. (https://www.JapaneseGreenTeaIn.com )
      Japanese Green Tea Co. now offers popular products for free shipping to people in Australia!
      Japanese Green Tea Co. is our company that aims to provide high-quality, flavorful, and aromatic green tea in the US market. They directly source their products from Arahataen Green Tea Farm, located in Shizuoka, Japan.
      Click here to see which products are available for free shipping.

      Zen Green Tea (https://zengreentea.com.au)
      Founded in 2012, Zen Green Tea is a small, privately owned, and operated matcha business in Australia. This company has made quite an impact in the short time it has operated in its homeland, Australia.

      Zen Green Tea has been featured in popular magazines, such as My Kitchen Rules, Gourmet Traveler, Vogue, Women’s Health, and The Sidney Morning Herald. My Kitchen Rules has even awarded Zen Green Tea the mantra of "Best Matcha in Australia".

      Zen Green Tea imports only the highest-grade Japanese matcha into Australia. Its matcha is imported from green tea plants grown in Kyoto, Japan. They offer a single premium-grade, 100% stone ground matcha with free shipping to all areas within Australia. A "no questions asked" 90-day money-back guarantee is available on all shipments.
      Click here to visit Zen Green Tea.

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    • India

      Japanese Green Tea Co. India (https://www.JapaneseGreenTea.In)
      Japanese Green Tea Co. - India is our sister company that aims to provide premium-grade and flavorful green tea in the Indian market. They are the only India-based tea company that directly sources their products from Arahataen Green Tea Farm, located in Shizuoka, Japan.

      All their green teas are sourced and cultivated in Japan using the Chagusaba Method and the sweeter soil cultivation method. This traditional, century-old method is practiced by Shizuoka farmers, who include sugar cane or sugar syrup in the soil. The chagusaba method sweetens the taste of the tea, which keeps the roots of the tea tree warm and well-nourished.
      Click here to visit Japanese Green Tea Co. - India

    • Malaysia

      The Tea Republic (https://ttr.com.my/)
      The Tea Republic is a Malaysia-based tea company that aims to celebrate people and their health. They offer fine tea blends that are delicious, refreshing, revitalizing, and calming. And consumers can choose whichever suits their lifestyle and needs best.

      Tea Republic also offers customizable bespoke tea gifts such as coasters, cup and saucer sets, teapots, and tea gift sets that are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Their cranberry crystal white tea, white diamond tea, tiramisu topaz tea, and lavender blue tea are the absolute best! They taste so good, which makes them a great guilty pleasure alternative, plus they have added health benefits.
      Click here to visit The Tea Republic.

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    • Myanmar

      Hojo (https://hojotea.com/en/posts-165/)
      Hojo is a Myanmar-based tea company that circles around the owner’s love for tea mixed with family traditions. Akira Hojo, the owner, has developed a love for tea since he was a young lad. His parents are farmers who run an apple orchard in Nagano, Japan. He was then trained by his father on how to be a professional farmer.

      Hojo offers a wide variety of tea types, including Japanese and Chinese green tea, Taiwanese and Chinese oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea, pu-erh tea, Indian, Chinese, and Taiwanese black tea, and scented teas. The company prides itself on providing flavorful, aromatic, and high-quality teas.
      Click here to visit Hojo.

    • New Zealand

      JustGreenTea (http://www.justgreentea.co.nz/)
      Are you looking for different types of organic, high-grade green tea, but you’re quite far from Japan? JustGreenTea's got you covered! This green tea-driven company is based in New Zealand but sources its products from the green tea capital of the world, Shizuoka, Japan. They offer different green tea types, such as Fukamushi Sencha, which is brewed 2 to 3 times longer than regular Sencha. It has a rich, powdery taste and aroma, but without the grass-like aftertaste. Gyokuro is the best, most opulent, and highest-grade variant of Japanese green tea. Matcha Genmai is a mixture of sencha, matcha, and roasted brown rice. It has a rich, creamy, and nutty flavor that is favored by a lot of people from all over the world. Tsuyuhikari (premium powdered green tea) is the rarest type of green tea. It’s the sweetest green tea variant from the selection.
      Click here to visit JustGreenTea.

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    • Singapore

      Tea Cottage (https://teacottage.com.sg/)
      Tea Cottage is a Singapore-based premium tea retailer. The company sells different types of tea that are hand-picked and ethically sourced in different countries. The brand offers floral, detox, and specialty teas, different types of honey, premium Malaysian bentong ginger powder, and teaware. In a world full of boba or milk tea shops, people tend to overlook and enjoy what real tea tastes like. This is why Tea Cottage aims to bring the best of the best to its customers so they can enjoy a delicious and healthy cup of tea. The brand is also keen on donating to charities or doing charity work. And every time you buy a bag of delicious and affordable tea or any of their products, a portion of it will be donated. Not only will you enjoy a great cup of tea and reap amazing health benefits, but you’ll also be a part of making someone smile.
      Click here to visit Tea Cottage.
    • Vietnam

      What-Cha (https://what-cha.com/collections/vendors?q=Japan)
      What-Cha is a Vietnamese tea company that supports fair labor and small farmers from different regions. The company is a firm believer in sourcing their products from a small pool of suppliers or distributors so that they can find specialty and one-of-a kind teas to bring to the Vietnamese tea market.

      They offer high-quality white, green, oolong, black, puerh, and scented teas. I highly recommend their Japan Obubu Dark Roast Houjicha Green Tea, 2011 Jing Gu Raw Puerh Cake, and China Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea. Brimming with health benefits, an inviting aroma, and a rich and flavorful taste. You’ll be guaranteed that your money is 100% well spent!
      Click here to visit What-Cha.

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    North America

    • United States

      Japanese Green Tea Co. - USA (https://www.JapaneseGreenTeaIn.com)
      Japanese Green Tea Co. - USA is our company that aims to provide high-quality, flavorful, and aromatic green tea in the US market. They directly source their products from Arahataen Green Tea Farm, located in Shizuoka, Japan. They also offer premium-quality teaware, tea books, and allergy relief remedies.

      Through the use of the Chagusaba Method and the sweeter soil cultivation method. This traditional, century-old method is practiced by Shizuoka farmers, who include sugar cane or sugar syrup in the soil. The chagusaba method sweetens the taste of the tea, which keeps the roots of the tea tree warm and well-nourished.

      Benifuuki (Benifuki) green tea is a popular allergy remedy, and it is also good for Mass Cell Activation Syndrome, or MCAD.
      Click here to visit Japanese Green Tea Co. - USA

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    Middle East

    • Oman

      Chawan (https://www.chawanbh.com/shop)
      Chawan is an authentic Japanese tea house that is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company offers a wide range of decadent and high-quality matcha, oolong, green, red, white, yellow, blooming, and special blend teas and tea essentials.

      This one-stop-shop sources all their premium-quality tea from Japan to cater to their customers who are in search of premium-quality teas. Whatever your lifestyle needs or your taste wants, Chawan has whatever your tea-loving self needs!

      The founder, Budoor, lived in Japan for 7 years, and she is an Urasenke chadō practitioner.

      Here is what Budoor mentions about her experience living in Japan:

      "Living in Japan and practicing chadō truly changed my life, so I wanted to share its beauty by encouraging a life of tranquility with tea.

      I obtained my masters from Kyushu University "九州大学" where I studied "人文科学" (Japanese Humanities) and my love for Japanese culture grew even stronger. I wrote my thesis on the 家元 (iemoto system), a system that governs the tea ceremony, and I even had the privilege to meet the 15th Urasenke iemoto, Hōunsai 鵬雲斎, which was a dream. Through my research and field work, I was fortunate to build a good relationship with tea farmers and artisans, which allowed me to establish the Japanese tea house in Bahrain, "chawan."
      The shop aims to spread awareness not only about tea culture in the Middle East but also about the beauty of Japanese culture. During my time in Japan, I also joined a 着物教室 (kimono class) to learn how to professionally wear a kimono and teach the world about it. I believe that the Japanese tradition should be passed on to the new generation, as its uniqueness and beauty are surreal. "

      Click here to visit Chawan.
    • Qatar

      Grace & Green (https://gracematcha.com/)
      Grace & Green is a tea company based in Qatar that sells premium-grade matcha, tartary buckwheat tea, and green tea to their consumers.

      They aim to bring premium and flavorful matcha to the world, which was harvested in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. In a world where matcha has increased in popularity, more and more people are falling in love with its rich and flavorful taste and amazing health benefits.

      This is why a lot of companies sell low-grade matcha, which can be a hit or miss. That being said, the company aims to sell premium, accessible, and premium-quality matcha.

      Click here to visit Grace & Green.

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    • UAE

      Avantcha (https://www.avantcha.com/)
      Avantcha is an avant-garde tea bar and shop based in Dubai, UAE. They offer different kinds of specialty and premium tea; from the classic green tea to the very decadent chocolate tea, this store has got you covered!

      The brand is the quintessential take on modern tea culture since more and more millennials are being more experimental with their lifestyle, and that goes hand in hand with the food or drinks that they are trying. That being said, Avantcha captures its customers with a modern and sophisticated twist in an otherwise very traditional tea culture.

      Plus, they also sell cool teaware, which is essential to making a cup of awesomeness! 

      Click here to visit Avantcha.

    If you offer quality Japanese green tea in your country, please contact me from here.
    Note: We may ask for your samples to ensure quality.

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