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10 Ingredients to add to Sencha Green Tea


10 Ingredients to add to Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is the most famous and commonly used Japanese green tea in Japan and around the world. Tea is brewed by infusing whole, loose leaves in hot water for a limited time. People around the world drink it for its health benefits, as it helps strengthen the immune system and increase metabolism.

Green tea

While many enjoy sencha the basic way, which is simply brewed with no added ingredients, people are starting to mix some other ingredients with green tea to enhance its health benefits and flavor. You will see many flavored teas either in loose-leaf form or as beverages. Today we will tell you about ten ingredients that you can add to your Sencha green tea to make it taste better and be more beneficial for your body.

1. Honey

The first thing that comes to mind when it is time to add something to your green tea is honey for sweetness. You should ditch the high-calorie sugar and choose natural honey as a sweetener for your tea. By making your tea a bit sweet, you get to enjoy it more and have a better flavor. Moreover, honey adds beneficial antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to your tea. Add honey when your tea is warm when you feel a cup in your hand; if it is too hot, then it may not be beneficial.

Honey and fruits

2. Lemon

Lemon has immense usage in your daily life as a taste or for adding a healthy touch to your diet. You can use lemon in your tea, and many weight-loss diets include green tea with a twist of lemon. Lemon juice adds flavor to your tea and makes the bitterness lighter. Just add half a medium-sized lemon to a cup and avoid adding too much to make it acidic. If you use both honey and lemon together, it will enhance the flavor of Sencha tea and enhance its effect on the body.

Green tea and lemon


3. Ginger

Ginger is commonly used in sencha tea for its beneficial effect on the body. It has antioxidant compounds just like green tea and helps your body fight diseases and prevent stress. Both ginger and green tea are good weight loss agents, and many use them to increase their metabolism and melt fat. Add cut-up ginger to your hot Sencha teacup, and it will make the tea smell good and increase the effect on the body. Some grind it and add it to the tea to get the full potential benefits. Another way you can use it is by boiling water and adding ginger to it to steep for three minutes. After the water cools down to 80 degrees, add loose leaves and let it brew for an extra minute. Strain and pour into a cup, and enjoy flavorful and nutritious Sencha tea. Lastly, fresh ginger is a much better option than dried ginger, as it will steep faster.

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10 Ingredients to add to Sencha Green Tea

4. Dried fruit

Dried fruits are another great ingredient to mellow the taste and add flavor to your cup of iced or warm green tea. However, some work best with Sencha drinks, such as mango, pineapple, peach, and papaya. These tone down the harsh taste of tea, and you get a sweet, refreshing taste instead. Some fruits, like cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry, enhance the smell of your tea and add strong flavors. It overpowers the aroma of tea, but for better taste, use the above set of dried fruits.

Some add citrus fruit peels, such as lemon peel, orange peel, and grapefruit peel, to green tea to make it more flavorful. You should be careful while adding it, as only a little amount or a slice is enough. If you add it in large amounts, it will make your tea acidic and bitter. Add it while steeping your tea for two minutes, and then strain it.

Don't tell Japanese friends that I add honey to sencha tea

5. Peppermint

Peppermint is a perennial herb that has a pungent, sweet odor and a warm, spicy taste with a cooling aftertaste. It is an active culinary herb, used fresh in many recipes and dried for a taste in candy, desserts, salads, and beverages. Using peppermint in green tea is not a new but usual way of making flavored tea. It is used, especially in hot weather, to create refreshing and anti-inflammatory beverages. Just add a few leaves of peppermint while steeping your tea; it takes longer to infuse, so you can add as much as you like. Peppermint helps reduce nausea, and the nutrients in green tea aid in making your nerves calm. Alternatively, you can use peppermint essential oil in your green tea. Just add nearly half a drop of oil to a brewed tea and enjoy the flavorful tea. Essential oil is concentrated and has a strong flavor; therefore, be careful when adding it to your tea.

Japanese Green Tea

6. Cinnamon

Cinnamon and sencha make a healthy tea that is best for weight loss. Both are filled with minerals and nutrients that break down excessive fat and make your body healthier. You can use two kinds of cinnamon as an ingredient in green tea. If you have Ceylon cinnamon sticks, toss them in boiling water and let them sit on the heat for 10 minutes. Now cool the cinnamon-infused water, add Sencha tea leaves, and wait for 2–3 minutes. Add honey and enjoy the perfect taste. If you have cinnamon powder, then put ½ teaspoon while you are steeping your tea leaves. Powdered cinnamon gives you more benefits as you consume it as a whole, which is brimming with nutrients.

7. Lemongrass

Lemongrass tea has many of the same health benefits as Japanese green tea. Both help in digestion, regulate high blood pressure, burn fat, boost metabolism, and are generally good for hair and skin. You can mix both ingredients and make a perfect cup of tea with maximum benefits and great taste. Take two teaspoons of chopped lemongrass and put it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Remove the infused tea from the stove and let it cool down to 80 degrees. Now add loose Sencha leaves and steep for 2-3 minutes. Pour it into a cup and enjoy. You can add honey to balance the bitterness with sweetness before drinking.

8. Milk

Adding milk to Sencha green tea is a rarity and generally not recommended. However, some like to tone down the taste with milk, but it also lessens the effect on your body. People who steep green tea for a longer time mix milk with it to give it a sweet, mellow taste, mostly in the subcontinent region. If you wish to add milk, a better option than cow's milk is soy milk or almond milk. These two have less effect on the nutrients of green tea; therefore, you get the health benefits along with your desired ingredient.

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9. Tulsi

Tulsi, or holy basil, as it is called in English, is an aromatic perennial plant cultivated in the Indian subcontinent. You may not find it commonly used in green tea, but many still use it to increase the effects of tea. Add Tulsi leaves while brewing loose leaf Sencha to get the best-infused taste, and then strain. Either enjoy it as a warm cup or make a refreshing smoothie for a hot day. These two ingredients combine to give you energy all day and help you relax after a tiring day. It keeps your stress level low and your metabolism rate high. Some might say it tastes like spinach, but the addition of minty tulsi gives it a pleasant scent and flavor.

Tea of holy basil

10. Flower petals

Flower petals in green tea are a common thing to add for flavor and aroma. You can either add the dried petal yourself, or some manufacturing companies blend Sencha leaves with processed flower petals. Keep in mind that not all flowers work with green tea, but only a few. Jasmine is the best combo for green tea and is the most common blend found on the market. Rosebuds are the next popular ingredient used along with Sencha leaves, and they bring out the strong taste and aroma. By steeping the tea, it will make the scent and taste stronger; therefore, only drink if you are okay with such a combination. Lavender also goes well with Sencha, just like rosebuds, and it also has a strong, overpowering scent and flavor.

Flower petals

Many drink chamomile tea due to its soothing and relaxing effect. Some manufacturers have blended chamomile with Sencha leaves to make a perfect relaxation and health-beneficial hot beverage. Lastly, there are peony flower petals that you can mix with green tea to enhance the benefits, as it has an anti-inflammatory agent and makes your blood vessels healthy. There are some more blends, but they are not that common everywhere, depending mostly on the region.

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