Does Adding Lemon to Japanese Green Tea Enhance the Benefit?

January 13, 2021

Does Adding Lemon to Japanese Green Tea Enhance the Benefit?

Green tea in itself is already a healthy drink. With numerous health advantages, one cannot mistake to drink it without getting any benefits. On the other hand, lemon has been a staple source of vitamin C. It is not just consumed a flavoring in different dishes but submerged into different drinks as well. One might experience drinking water submerged with lemon and it is also common to have it submerged in green tea as well.

In the market, there are numerous tea manufacturing companies selling teas with lemon flavorings, but what does lemon really have to do with the health benefits of green tea, if any? Does it have any beneficial costs to the drinkers? Here in this article, you can find the various reasons to have lemon in your favorite green tea drinks to make the most of the tea’s health benefits.


While both green tea and lemon are natural fat burners by themselves, just imagine combining these two powerhouses when it comes to weight loss. Starting your day drinking may be a dash of lemon juice or a slice of the said fruit in your green tea, but adding lemon to your green tea boosts the latter’s weight loss benefits through catechins and caffeine contents of the tea leaves that would require your body to exert more energy.

Green tea fat burner

The lemon acts as booster for removing toxins into our body acting as a natural detoxifier.  It also provides nutrition in your body and the most common of such is vitamin C. Through detoxification, your blood is cleansed from toxins and will let your body absorb more nutrients and weight loss boosters such as those found in green tea. The lemon also helps production of hydrochloric acid that improves digestion. It also slows down the absorption of food, making sure that the nutrients from the food that you take would fully break down into your body. Lemon keeps you active and kick start your energy that would require burning more energy than your usual burnt calories without drinking a cup of green tea with a slice of lemon.



Toxin removal is not just beneficial for weight loss but it fights away illnesses in the later stages of our lives since green tea with lemon cleanses your other organs too such as kidney, boosts enzymes and produce more bile in liver to easier digestion of food that we take, and reduces unwanted surplus in the intestines such as fats and other blockers that might lead to cancer and in the heart that might lead to heart attacks or strokes. Even damaged liver can be repaired by drinking a cup of green tea with lemon regularly.

While green tea provides these anti-disease catechins that prevents build-up of plaques surrounding the arteries, these are not fully absorbed by the body and vitamin C in the lemon, through cleansing of intestines and blood vessels, help in the absorption of nutrients. In a study of Purdue University, putting lemon in a cup of green tea helps as much as 13 times more to absorb the catechins and retains almost 80% of catechins in our body. Because of these catechins, it fights away diseases while increasing the metabolic rate in our bodies while all the alcohol and unwanted fats from meat and other unhealthy food in your body will be removed, thanks to the vitamin C produced in lemon.

Drinking this miracle combination of lemon and green tea would further be more effective to prevent stroke, asthma and cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes since the flow of your blood into your stream lines and vessels going to your heart would be smooth flowing and cleansed that would act as a natural dialysis for your body, thanks to the boost of lemon’s vitamin C.

I think plain green tea is the best



One of the most important vitamins is also iron, which is good for producing more red blood cells in our body and helps to preserve energy, focus, gastrointestinal processes, immune system, and the regulation of body temperature.

However, drinking green tea may inhibit the absorption of such vitamin in our body as one of its side effects but fret not since studies also show that a slice or squeeze of lemon would already prevent such inhibition.



Being a good source of vitamin C, drinking green tea with lemon also helps to boost your immune system as well, shaving you off from coughs and colds especially humid or cold seasons. Even if you have colds, it would easily cure such by simply sipping a cup of green tea with lemon along with total rest.



With vitamin C loaded up in your green tea, it naturally heals your wounds quicker compared to doing nothing on it. Citrus fruits like lemon also makes your bones and teeth stronger. An added benefit of lemon is that it also alkalizes the body that balances our PH levels. Balancing the pH levels reduces the uric acid in our body that causes several joint pains.



Your skin also glows since unwanted toxins that are harmful for our skin and causes blemishes and pimples would also be gone, as well as naturally reduce the redness of your skin, soothe irritation, prevents fine lines and wrinkles. Folic acid and vitamin B are also produced in drinking your green tea with lemon that would surely make your hair healthier. Surely, green tea with lemon talks about beauty and cleansing inside out!

Drinking green tea

As early as now, youngster may develop the habit of taking care of their bodies to delay diseases or aging. One could do this by consuming a cup of green tea with lemon zest everyday with warm water. On the other hand, oldies should consume this elixir to prevent further illnesses and cure whatever aches that they have in their bodies. Be mindful of course that adding this citrus flavor would definitely change the flavoring of your green tea. Green teas produced out of cheaper materials would let a squeeze of lemon make it more flavorful while the natural flavor and aroma of exquisite green teas might change because of the sour taste of lemon.

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