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The U.S. Japan Publication (UJP News) Features Kei Nishida’s Article

The February 2019 issue of US Japan Publications newsletter features Kei Nishida’s article about the green tea trend in the USA.

 UJP Kei Nishida's Matcha Article

The U.S. Japan Publication, N.Y. publishes a monthly business newspaper called "KIGYO GAIKYO NEWS" (AKA UJP News), which has 22,000 circulating copies throughout the United States, targeting business owners and corporate executives of Japanese companies handling business in the USA. This newspaper is a long-running paper that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015.

UJP News February 2019 Issue

Kei wrote a full-page article (in Japanese) in which he shares his opinion on trends in Japanese Matcha and green tea based on his experience doing business in the US in the tea arena. The article is backed by actual statistics and facts from various angles and publications from Japan and the USA, including a Stanford University research publication.

Kei Nishida Matcha Trend Article

In the article, Kei talks about the key to the success of the modern tea business and how it is rapidly changing in today’s US economy.

UJP News

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