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Tea for Students - How Not to Fall Asleep Before Preparing for the Session and Tests

December 19, 2022

Tea for Students - How Not to Fall Asleep Before Preparing for the Session and Tests

Studying for examinations and maintaining concentration during study sessions can be daunting, whether you are a student or a working professional. The challenge of retaining focus and vigor throughout extended study periods is undeniable. However, various uncomplicated remedies can aid in remaining awake and productive. One such treatment involves partaking in Japanese tea, specifically matcha. Matcha, a Japanese tea, is celebrated for its calming and refreshing qualities.

This article will explore how tea can assist students in remaining alert and focused throughout study sessions and tests.

The Importance of Staying Awake and Focused

As we explore various tea types that can aid in maintaining wakefulness and concentration, it is imperative to comprehend the significance of remaining alert and focused, particularly for academic triumph. Students' ability to retain information is substantially impaired when they need more attention. The brain's processing power is insufficient, leading to poorer academic performance and lower test scores.

studying while drinking green tea

Furthermore, insufficient sleep may result in unfavorable outcomes such as amplified stress, anxiety, and depression. As a student, it is crucial to prioritize both physical and mental health to accomplish academic aspirations.

Matcha Tea - A Powerful Beverage for Students

Matcha tea is a distinct variant of Japanese tea that is pulverized into a fine powder. This tea is notable for its elevated levels of caffeine, which endows it with potent energizing properties. In contrast to coffee, matcha tea is enriched with an amino acid, L-theanine, renowned for its anxiety and stress-reducing effects. The amalgamation of caffeine and L-theanine yields a formidable concoction that is particularly conducive for scholars who seek to remain alert and focused during their study sessions and examinations.

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drinking green tea and studying for exam

The Science Behind Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a beverage that contains various substances that may improve cognitive performance and vitality. One of these substances is caffeine, which has well-known stimulating effects. Caffeine acts by obstructing the adenosine neurotransmitter, which induces lethargy and drowsiness. Its obstruction leads to heightened attentiveness and concentration.

Another substance in matcha tea is L-theanine, an amino acid known for its tranquilizing properties, which may alleviate stress and anxiety. When combined with caffeine, L-theanine promotes a state of composure and concentration that is highly beneficial for academic activities such as learning and examinations.

Brew Your Tea Correctly

To attain the optimal benefits from your tea, it is crucial to steep it correctly. It is essential to adhere to the instructions on the tea packaging, as diverse types of tea necessitate different steeping durations and water temperatures. If you steep your tea for too long, it can culminate in a harsh aftertaste, while a short steeping period may yield a soft cup of tea with less caffeine content. By adequately steeping your tea, you will ensure that you obtain the highest level of benefits from the tea.

Tips for Brewing Matcha Tea

Brewing matcha tea is a simple process, but it requires some practice to get it right. Here are some tips for brewing matcha tea:

  1. Use high-quality matcha tea: High-quality matcha tea can be expensive but worth the investment. Look for matcha tea that is bright green and has a smooth texture.
  2. Use the right tools: Matcha tea requires special tools, including a bamboo whisk, a small bowl, and a sifter. These tools can be found online or at a specialty tea store.
  3. Sift the matcha tea: Sifting the matcha tea before whisking it will help to remove any lumps and create a smooth texture.
  4. Use hot (not boiling) water: Matcha tea should be brewed with hot (not boiling) water. Water that is too hot can destroy the flavor and texture of the tea.
  5. Whisk vigorously: Whisking the matcha tea vigorously will help to create a frothy texture and blend the tea evenly.

studying at green tea cafe

Other Types of Japanese Tea

While matcha tea may be the most popular manifestation of Japanese tea, several alternative tea breeds can prove advantageous for scholars. A few examples of these Japanese teas and their respective advantages include:

  • Sencha: Sencha is a type of verdant tea distinguished by its elevated antioxidant concentration. These antioxidants serve to enhance cerebral aptitude and diminish inflammation.
  • Genmaicha: Genmaicha is green tea amalgamated with grilled brown rice. The tea's nutty relish and tranquilizing features are its notable attributes.
  • Hojicha: Hojicha is a grilled green tea that exudes a smoky flavor. This tea variety contains minimal caffeine, making it an optimal option for students with a sensitivity to caffeine.

    Avoid Adding Too Much Sugar

    Adding excessive amounts of sugar or honey to your cup of tea may positively affect its taste, but it is crucial to exercise moderation. Consuming copious amounts of sugar can result in a sudden drop in energy levels, leaving you feeling even more sluggish and tired than before. Alternatively, add a minimal amount of honey or a natural sweetener, such as stevia, to enhance the flavor profile of your tea without inducing a sugar crash.

    Additional Tips

    Many methods exist to promote alertness and concentration beyond merely drinking Japanese tea while studying and taking exams. Additional recommendations are as follows:

    • Incorporate breaks into study sessions: Integrating brief pauses every 30-45 minutes can augment productivity and focus. Utilize this time to engage in light physical activity, stretch, or take a short walk.
    • Prioritize sufficient sleep: Adequate sleep is a crucial component of academic prosperity. It is advised to attain 7-8 hours of sleep every night and to maintain a steady sleep routine.
    • Ensure proper hydration: Staying hydrated by consuming substantial amounts of water can bolster cognitive abilities and diminish lethargy.
    • Consume a balanced diet: A balanced diet abundant in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can heighten energy levels and cognitive function.
    • Implement study aids: Using study aids, such as flashcards, study guides, and practice exams, can improve the capacity for retention and recall.


      Studying for exams and maintaining focus during prolonged study sessions can present a formidable challenge, but it is a prerequisite for academic success. Japanese tea, mainly matcha tea, can be a potent weapon in the arsenal of pupils who need to remain alert and attentive.

      Other pointers, including taking periodic rests, receiving sufficient slumber, staying adequately hydrated, consuming a balanced diet, and employing educational aids, may also prove beneficial. Incorporating these recommendations into your study regimen can enhance your academic performance and help you realize your ambitions.

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