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Japanese Green Tea vs Red Bull - 10 Battles You Don’t Want to Miss

During the last holiday season, we were so busy that I decided to drink Red Bull to stay up late at night for the holiday rush. Then I thought it would be fun to compare this drink, Red Bull, with Japanese green tea and see which one wins. It's funny what comes to mind at 2 a.m. after working 18 hours straight at full steam. I didn’t write this article that night, but now, with a bit of calm after the storm and a sip of nice hot green tea, I am writing it just for fun.

One of the main reasons why Japanese green tea is consumed is because of its caffeine content, which helps you stay awake at work, and the same is true with Red Bull. The same thing is true with Japanese Green Tea; Red Bull provides an energy boost to keep you going, especially if the activities would need to exert too much effort.

While Japanese green tea is often consumed to stay awake for work or studies, Red Bull is grabbed for sports or rushed activities. Japanese green tea could be a convenient drink for catching up on conversations with friends, but you would definitely find it funny for a Red Bull to be sipped cozily while having a conversation with friends.

So, which of these two should you drink, depending on your concern? The battle of the two most sought-after drinks to spike up your concentration is here right now for comparisons. Here are the ten differences between Japanese green tea and Red Bull:

1. Go for the natural

Japanese green tea is well known worldwide to be all-natural and chemical-free. Japanese green tea leaves are well known to be one of the purest teas all over the world, using as few pesticides as possible. Even the caffeine in Japanese green teas is natural. Having said this, Japanese green tea is one of the best choices for those who are conscious of their intakes for their bodies.

Japanese Green Tea

On the other hand, while Red Bull could quickly spike up the caffeine in your body, this liquid drink is synthetically processed, and one would not simply consume these chemicals in the long run. One of the most prominent ingredients in Red Bull is taurine, which still lacks scientific research as to its long-term effects on the body.

So, for being all-natural, Japanese green tea is obviously the winner for this round.

2. Energy, you want it strong?

While Japanese green tea is known to have caffeine content, Red Bull is really packed as an energy drink that contains several ingredients, including caffeine and taurine, as an energy booster for attention, cognitive, and driving performance. If you are after some strenuous activities, you might not get the same amount of energy boost if you are just going to drink Japanese green tea. Though Japanese green tea could boost some concentration in you, this is definitely not as evident as when you consume an energy drink like Red Bull, so let’s applaud Red Bull for this match!

3. Standardized amount of caffeine

Just like with any coffee or tea, the caffeine amounts in Japanese green tea can vary greatly, and the package indicators for the caffeine contents are only averages. The caffeine content of Japanese green teas also varies depending on the type of tea. Some Japanese green teas have a high caffeine content, such as sencha, while teas like hojicha and genmaicha have a low caffeine content.

With Red Bull, there is a standardized amount of caffeine in each bottle by simply referring to the label indicated or can, so you would know exactly how much caffeine you are getting, and this would be helpful to manage your caffeine intake. Hooray for Red Bull for this one!

Red Bull vs Green Tea

4. Eco-friendly 

Japanese green tea uses the whole leaf for production, requiring less waste compared to other teas, which only use parts of the leaves. Also, Japanese green tea usually comes in the form of loose-leaf tea or tea packets, requiring less production for packaging. Nowadays, Japanese green tea manufacturers prioritize the packaging designs of their teas to be eco-friendly, such as biodegradable tea packets inside paper pouches or boxes.

Japanese Green Tea Leaves

On the other hand, while Red Bull in bottle form can be recycled, just imagine the tons of bottles to be disposed of for the intake of this energy drink. Also, Red Bull already comes in aluminum tin cans, making the production packaging less environmentally friendly compared to Japanese green teas because of the adverse effects of the packaging process. For this segment, Japanese green tea is a sure winner!

5. Tradition packed

Japanese green tea is attested to by several generations, even by the high royal personnel of the Japanese empire. Aside from this, the way it is authentically served would really ingest you into the purest form of traditional Japanese green tea ceremony. If you are into culture and history, you may not just get this from drinking a commercialized energy drink, so for this comparison, the traditional way of serving Japanese green tea is a form of hospitality.

This is not the case with Red Bull, since simply getting a can of drink from any convenient store would already do the trick. Energy drinks were invented only in the 1960s and are a very straightforward drink to simply energize yourself, so let’s give another point to Japanese green tea.

6. Fast delivery of caffeine in the body

Because energy drinks are served cold, they can be consumed quicker than Japanese green tea, which is usually and traditionally served hot, because the consumption is through several sips. Rapid consumption leads to caffeine getting into the bloodstream quicker. Sipping or drinking your caffeine drink more frequently and in larger amounts would let you experience more of a kick because more of it is hitting your system at once. Thus, the effects of caffeine could easily be observed in Red Bull rather than in Japanese green tea.

7. Variety of flavors

While there are many types of Japanese green tea, all of these types are just green teas in their purest form, and most people would not really have the luxury of time to differentiate the taste from one another, but you may have the luxury to choose from so many flavors in Red Bull energy drink, which even has limited-season collection flavors. This means that tastes for each and every flavor would be different from one another. Who would not want to have those choices depending on one’s mood? Red Bull is definitely the winner in this match!

8. Handy/convenient

Do you want to drink Japanese green tea? What do you have? Loose leaf tea? Then go get your tea balls or strainer, a mug, and make sure to have hot water with you to prepare everything. Do you have tea packets? You would also need a mug and hot water for this. If you are an enthusiast, for sure you would have different types of teapots for different types of tea, but with Red Bull, just buy this in a convenient store, open the bottle cap, or pull the tab of the can, and you are good to go.

Moreover, since teas are usually served hot, you definitely need a lot of time to consume them, unlike Red Bull, which is recommended to be drunk cold. You may even gulp them while in a rush to work or school. Just how handy and convenient it is to go grand and drink Red Bull, right?

9. Long term health benefits

In the long run, Japanese green tea intake would give the drinker long-term health benefits such as neuroprotectioncholesterol-lowering properties, strong antioxidant capacity, quality emotional status, quality sleep, and suppression of hypertension. It also helps in the regulation of cholesterol, aging, the reduction of the inflammatory response, and blood pressure.

Japanese Green Tea

On the other hand, prolonged intake of Red Bull could lead to several chronic diseases such as diabetes due to the high sugar content of the energy drink, and it also contains a proprietary ‘energy blend,’ which typically consists of stimulants and other additives that could even result in kidney failure. Japanese green tea should definitely take the lead on this one.

10. Come in many forms

As mentioned a while ago, Japanese green tea comes in many forms compared to Red Bull. One could get a pack of Japanese green tea in loose-leaf form or in tea packets. Some are also ground in their most refined structure as matcha and used to create frothed green tea drinks.

On the other hand, Red Bull is only available in liquid form. If you are the type of person who wants variety and the intricacies of preparing their drink, Japanese green tea is the best drink for you. Red Bull should pave the way to Japanese green tea for this one.

And the Winner Is…

So, what do you think would suit your needs best? These are just some of the factors comparing Japanese green tea and Red Bull. While Red Bull could quickly give you the mood to be good and be as convenient as buying it in a store, Japanese green tea gives you the tradition and culture that Red Bull could not give, not to mention the long-term health benefits as one of the most prioritized factors for every drinker.
It's a draw! 5 to 5.

At the end of the day, it really depends on what you are looking for in your favorite drink.

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