Gyokuro Package Design Contest Result

February 23, 2021

Gyokuro Package Design Contest Result

Thank you very much for participating in Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea Package Design Contest. 

I know it has been a while since we did the contest. 

We wanted to wait until the package is done to reveal the result, and it took a bit longer for production. 

But now we are ready to show you the result, and they are fully prepared to be shipped out right away now.  Thank you very much for waiting!

What the Contest Was

Since it has been a while, let me remind you what the actual contest was. 

We conducted the contest twice as we couldn't make up our minds on the first round. 

Here are the questions that you are being asked. (The actual form can be accessed via here, and even the contest is closed, you can still submit your selection if you wish)

Gyokuro Question Survey for Package

The Result of the First Round

And here is the result from the first round. 

Gyokuro Design First Round Result

My personal favorite was the blue one, and I was disappointed that blue one had the least vote. : (  I must not have a good sense as when we did matcha package design earlier, I picked the least vote one too.  (Here is a link to when we did the matcha design package if you are interested.)

We had a lot of great comments from everyone (thank you!), and we realized that the design of the lid was one of the reasons people picked green one more than the color.

So, we decided to run another round of the contest with the same lid but different color.

The Second Round Contest

Here is the second round of questions we asked. (And if you are interested, you can access the survey here.)

Gyokuro Final Round Contest

 And the Final Result

And here is the result of the second and the final round of the contest.

Gyokuro Package Contest Final Round Result

As you can see that the dark green won the contest above the original winner color from Round 1.  We are glad we did this so that we get the best of the color and design.

The Actual Package is Available Now!

The tube is made in Japan. 

Prior to contest, we had been in contact with multiple manufactures of such packages, and we ended up choosing Japanese company. 

Before the contest, we contacted multiple manufacturers of such packages, and we ended up choosing a Japanese company. We are delighted with the quality of the outcome.

We changed some font colors to be white and made the green a tiny bit lighter based on your comments so that texts can be read easily.

We just got the package this week and took the photos. 

How does it look? Aren’t they beautiful?

(We got too excited, so we took so many pictures :)

Gyokuro - Premium Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro - Premium Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro - Premium Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro - Premium Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro - Premium Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro - Premium Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro - Premium Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro - Premium Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro - Premium Japanese Green Tea


I thank you so much for your help in coming up with this beautiful design. I am overwhelmed with all the comments you sent to me about the design, and I hope that the final design is something that you imagined. We could not do this without you; I love you, and thank you so much!

Be One of the First to Get Gyokuro in New Package

Would you like to be one of the first to get this Gyokuro in a new package that you helped me design?  Please click here for more detail about the gyokuro or buy from the link below. 

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