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Does a Cup of Tea count as Water Intake? - Green Tea Quiz

April 17, 2023

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Does a cup of tea count as water intake?  

The earth has been made up of 75% water. That is how essential water is, not just for this world, but for everyone’s body as well. A healthy lifestyle is not just about food intake, proper diet, and exercise. Everyone is advised to also stay hydrated and to take note of one’s water intake. However, such a concept of water intake should actually be fluid intake, to be more accurate, so to speak. Water can do wonders to the body, both inside and out. While one could keep you clean on the outside by bathing or washing, water could also definitely cleanse you on the inside. 

Japanese Green Tea

Water is needed for every organ in our body to function. Every cell in your body also needs refreshment through water intake. Water lowers one’s blood pressure and stays you away from any inflammation. It also flushes out toxins from your body. While varies from person to person and way of lifestyle, especially for those who are physically active and sweat a lot, not to mention the effect of extreme heat during summer, it is a standard knowledge that a person must drink at least 8 glasses before, or 3 to 4 liters of water now, to be considered as having the right amount of water in the body.

However, not all the time we do take a glass of water as our liquid intakes in our bodies. So, have you ever wondered whether a cup of your favorite tea counts as water intake too? This article is written for you to find out.

It’s actually more accurate to say fluid intake

While there are various substitutes out there to count as fluid intake, and not actually plain water intake, the water content for each consumable varies. On the other thought, we all know that a cup of tea has only two ingredients, and those are tea leaves and water. Mostly, the cup of tea is made up of water for, after all, it’s just leaves drenched in water. It is also consumed by drinking it like a glass of water, whether it be hot or cold.

Scientifically speaking, there is no requirement that the liquid intake to keep yourself healthy should only come from a glass of plain water and that like any drinks such as coffee, tea or even soda or other water substances from various food, usually from vegetables and fruits, a cup of tea is considered to count your daily water intake and will keep you hydrated too.There is always an excuse for more tea!

Myth busted

There are various articles or talks about staying away from caffeinated drinks if you want to stay hydrated and coffee and teas are given a bad myth on being a diuretic or dehydrating one’s body by removing the water required for the body. However, it was only through recent studies that this myth was debunked. While a cup of tea might have an initial diuretic effect because of the caffeine content as it would make you urinate once you drink a cup of it, your body would still absorb the majority of the water from the cup of tea.

Even so, just like glasses of water, drinking more cups of tea would allow you to urinate more but together with the flushing out of toxins from your body so it is really just a matter of drinking more liquids to keep yourself hydrated and healthy to urinate as one way to remove the harmful substances from your body.

green tea

In fact, around 7 to 9 cups of tea, which is more than the number of cups an average person would intake, would be the recommended healthy way of drinking tea on a daily basis. Hence, there is no need to worry about any dehydrating effect on one’s body by simply consuming a cup of tea. As long as one maintains less than 400mg of caffeine every day, it is totally safe to consume a few cups of tea on a daily basis.


To sum up, taking the required number of glasses of water for your daily needs is challenging but there are other alternatives out there that would count as water intake, such as a cup of tea. Drinking a cup of tea is counted as a water intake and just to make sure that you are on the healthy side of drinking it, drink it without any added preservative or processed sugar. Obviously, these refined substances would do you more harm than good.

Everything is recommended to be natural in order to naturally detoxify your body too! Also, while plain water is already a miracle wonder for so many benefits, and added tea leaves would surely provide more potential benefits for your health! While plain water could get rid of simple headaches or make your skin supple, green tea is found to have mental-health benefits to the drinker, such as reducing stress.

Aside from its favorable taste as to why green tea is a very popular drink nowadays, it promotes numerous health benefits including neuroprotection, cholesterol-lowering properties, strong antioxidant capacity, as well as quality emotional status, quality of sleep, and suppression of hypertension. While plain water could make you feel full and thus helps in maintaining one's diet, a cup of green tea would surely be a natural diet booster because it contains bioactive substances like caffeine and EGCG, which can have powerful effects on metabolism and eventually reduces body fats. That is why while both green tea leaves and plain water are natural fat burners by themselves, just imagine combining these two powerhouses when it comes to weight loss.

A cup of tea also helps in the regulation of cholesterol, aging, reduction in the inflammatory response, and blood pressure. Surely, both youngsters must start developing the habit of taking care of their bodies to delay diseases of aging but making sure of the right fluid intake in the body. One could do this by consuming a cup of green tea. On the other hand, the older generation should drink this elixir to reduce further illnesses and cure whatever they uneasily feel in their bodies.

This post about Does a Cup of Tea count as Water Intake was first published in 2021. We added the audio of this blog in 2023 just for you.





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