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Nozomi Tea Package Design Contest Result - The package is done now!

Thank you very much for participating in Nozomi Japanese Green Tea Package Design Contest. 

What the Contest Was

In the past, you have helped us pick the design of the package for Gyokuro and Matcha. (Click here to see the contest for Gyokuro and Matcha.) This time, we asked for Nozomi, which is one of the most popular teas because it tastes like Gyokuro but is more economical.

This time, the design options are not too different, but I wanted to get you involved.

Many customers say that the tin can we currently use is not too eco-friendly and have requested recycling options, etc.

Rather than keeping the tin can, we thought of changing the package to more eco-friendly washi Japanese paper. People are talking more about SDG these days, so think about that too! : )

Here are the questions that you are being asked: (The actual form can be accessed here, and even though the contest is closed, you can still submit your selection if you wish.)

Nozomi Contest question


Contest Result

Earlier, when we did the gyokuro contest, we waited to share the result until we finished their production. I did not know that it took so long to go back and forth with the manufacturer to get the actual package done. :0   

People had forgotten about the contest by the time we shared the result. (Sorry.)

So this time, we are sharing the result right away! : ) 

We will now start producing the package, and we will keep you posted on how it goes and when we are ready with the actual package.

And the winner is... Horizontal!

Winning package

And here is the percentage of how people voted.

Nozomi Package Design Contest Result

You can see that it was a battle between Horizontal design and Vertical design.

A lot of people mentioned that the horizontal one looks like there are more contents and the wordings are easier to read (even though they are the same size for all the designs).

Thank you very much again for participating and sharing your opinions about the design. We will be modifying it a bit based on your suggestions. I will keep you posted on the actual production via the Green Tea Club.

Update 5/14/2021 - Design Completed - Next Step Production

We are excited that package production is finally going on right now. Here are a couple of images of how the design progress is going. We had to go back and forth between the package manufacturer and designer to ensure the correct placement and color. It's a lot of work being involved in making things happen!

Nozomi Package Design

Nozomi Package Design in Progress

New Package is Ready Now!

We are happy to let you know that the Nozomi package that you helped us design is finally done, and our first batch arrived last week with the new crop of tea.

Here are some photos; we will be taking more photos soon.

Nozomi Japanese Green Tea
Nozomi Japanese Green Tea

We have created a brand new 1-minute video about this product. Please see: 

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Buy Nozomi Tea (Be the first one to try our new package!)

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