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10 Ways to Sweeten Your Matcha Green Tea

June 30, 2022

10 Ways to Sweeten Your Matcha Green Tea


How do you sweeten your matcha green tea? Whether you have a tried and true method or you're new to enjoying this beverage altogether, it's worth giving all of the different options a try.

There’s a kind of simplicity in tea, with the tradition being “add water” and trust that the flavor profile matches the imagination. However, as I’ve fallen into love with tea, there’s a shocking variation in taste profiles. As the tea market continues to grow, there are all sorts of tips and tricks out there to alter what shapes the taste of your tea. 

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Matcha stands out in the world of taste profiles.

Ever tried a cha-soba sushi roll? Yes, it contains matcha.

How about a matcha cupcake with pistachios?

As much as I’d like to think I understand the world of matcha generally, I’m constantly presented with new mixes and uses for matcha. It’s even more surprising considering that matcha comes from the same leaves as its green tea brother, gyokuro! While I have yet to try nitro matcha cold brew, it sounds delicious.

I want to review 10 ways you can sweeten your matcha drink specifically, and hopefully, you can continue experiencing what the world of matcha has to offer:

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Maple Syrup

We Canadians thrive on maple syrup. We kind of have to put it in our matcha. Maple syrup slightly alters the original flavor of matcha and contains 260 calories per 100g. However, it’s readily available as a sweetener. And honestly… who doesn’t enjoy maple syrup?

(By the way, if you're new to matcha, start with this post to learn the basics!)



Stevia is common, very common. In fact, chances are you’ve heard about it through various everyday drinks and its commercial uses. Stevia is a natural, zero-calorie sweetener known in part from its bitterness but also its limited aftertaste. It’s considered a direct sugar substitute.

Stevia, in this respect, does not take away the flavor matcha has to provide. It simply elevates and matches matcha’s subtleness.


There are many different matcha sweeteners available. However, only a select few offer a sweet yet floral and nutty flavor. While light coconut milk simply contains more water than its regular sibling, it can be a healthier alternative and act as a somewhat powerful sweetener.

Coconut Milk


Macadamia Milk

I’m a huge fan of macadamia nuts and the flavors that can be extracted from them. Macadamia nut milk is pleasantly thick and smooth. It’s known for its richer, nuttier and buttery flavor. It has similarities with almond milk; however, it tends to have a stronger flavor profile.


Agave Syrup

I first came across agave syrup while living in Japan, and its sweetness surprised me. However, it’s very sweet—even sweeter than sugar. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix it with your matcha! In fact, it’s a common matcha sweetener.

Agave syrups have several variations, with darker agave syrups having a stronger caramel flavor while lighter flavors have a milder and almost neutral composition.


Adding honey to matcha


coconut sugar

This is perhaps one of the less commonly used ways to sweeten your matcha on the list, but coconut sugar is subtly sweet. It comes across as brown sugar not only in appearance but also in flavor and sweetness.

If you’re looking to try something different with a faux caramel-like distinction, coconut sugar fits your matcha on many different levels.


Apple and Honey

If you ask me, the general idea of fusing apple and honey comes across as a no-brainer. Many vegan recipes combine apples with honey as a syrup for all kinds of foods and drinks. For matcha lovers, it’s a great sweetener alternative, and it's simple to make!


Madjool Date

One of the more unique items available on this list of medjool dates is a fresh fruit with a strong yet rich and caramel-like taste. Relatively high in calories, they also tend to be high in antioxidants and great for general digestion. They should be blended down before adding to your matcha and enjoyed as a subtler sweetener. They can also be used to create date syrup.

9. DATE SUGARDate Sugar

As much as I enjoy maple syrup, butterscotch is right up there. Date sugar, being as unique as it is, offers a notable butterscotch-like flavor. It also happens to contain many of the benefits of a medjool date, given it’s not far off in terms of composition. It’s nonetheless another unique option for one’s matcha.


Monk Fruit

Along with stevia and xylitol, monk fruit is a zero calories sweetener option available in the market. Another particular sweet option, it also contains zero sugar and zero carbohydrates, surprisingly enough. It’s known partly for its antioxidants; however, it can be too sweet for some people, and it’s not the most available item on this list.



Soy milk: As one of the more subtle sweeteners, it’s high in protein content and contains vitamin A, B-12, potassium, and calcium. Being plant-based, soy milk can have a bean-like or chalk-like taste; however, there are many options available that many consumers can likely find the best fit for their matcha.

While this list stops at 10 ways to sweeten your matcha, there are many more. The beautiful thing is that matcha is the vehicle to expand what flavors work for you.

Whether you’re thinking of enjoying a matcha tea latte or simply matcha with water or anything in between, there are more than enough tasty and enjoyable options to surprise you. Go ahead—try them all and report back to let us know what your favorite is!

Latte in a Cup


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