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Best Article of the Year 2022 - Voted by you!

The vote of the year for the blog articles was amazingly popular, and thank you so, so much for all your votes and the nice comments you sent me about blogs and videos!

I feel so proud and honored to be creating these tea-related articles and videos you love (or dislike; see below).

This is the motivation for us to create better content.
Thank you so much!
It’s funny that no one (except very few) liked Japanese Green Tea vs. Peruvian Tea with my experience in Peru, haha.🥲  Oh well! 💪
So, drum roll please… here is the result of the Best of 2022!


Below, you see the actual links to the blogs and videos in order of the vote count.
Just a sneak peek: we are releasing another video next week, which I am so proud of; it is probably the best we have got so far. (Hint: about a famous tea person you probably know and an unfamous story you may not know.)
We are just wrapping up the final tune. I will let you know as soon as the video is published next week!
Thank you so much again, and I love you!

Oh, and in case you forgot (or purposely didn't and changed your mind) to vote, I still want to hear from you, and you can still cast your vote here and leave a comment!

#1 (41% voted) Truths and Myths about Green Tea

Green tea is a popular beverage all across the globe. It is consumed almost daily in many parts of East Asia and is often the first choice of tea in other parts of the world. It is one of the most common teas consumed by people from different countries, cultures, and generations.


Truths and Myths about Green Tea


#2 (37% voted) 10 green tea mistakes: Don’t do these mistakes when brewing green tea

Green tea tastes great, especially when you try a sample of it at grocery stores and tea festivals. When you got home and brewed your tea, the result was a bitter green tea or just a drinkable tea that lacked flavor. Cheer up! You just did not know how to brew green tea, right? Please don't give up on tasting good green tea, and let's learn how to make it right by discussing the following mistakes:


#3 (23% voted) Samurai and Tea

Learn more about how the samurai perfected the art of the tea ceremony and how tea culture became an integral part of what it means to be a Samurai warrior.

#4 (19% voted) What Flavors Go Well With Matcha? A Guide For The Tastebuds

Matcha is ever-popular. Powdered green tea has gone beyond being exclusively Japanese and is everywhere now. From Starbucks to local grocery stores, matcha has a strong presence and millions of enthusiastic buyers. With a drink so popular, it’s only natural that we look for flavors that go along with it. Matcha is a very healthy drink, so when finding a flavor pairing, choose one that adds to the goodness of this beverage.


#5 (19% voted) How to Make Hojicha Oat Milk Latte


#6 (17% voted) How to Cold brew Matcha


#7 (15% voted) 10 Popular Types of Japanese Tea Ceremony - How many do you know?

The Japanese Tea ceremony, known as Chado (茶道 the way of tea) or Cha no yu (茶の湯 hot water tea, or hot water of tea), is part of Japanese culture. It is a tradition where they ceremonially prepare, serve, and drink matcha. Many rituals and practices turn into tea ceremonies. You might be asking about when they practice those tea ceremonies and what occasion they celebrate. We will take a journey through the types of tea ceremonies and how they appreciate the tea leaves.

10 Popular Types of Japanese Tea Ceremony - How many do you know?

#8 (11% voted) Tea & Oat Milk - A Cup of Good Choices

I went to Blue Bottle Coffee the other day and ordered a matcha latte. I noted that the store's default milk is oat milk and not whole milk, as would typically be expected. This gave me a slight pause. I know oat milk is currently very popular. Still, before this visit, I hadn't really considered that it might be the default milk in coffee shops and other similar establishments.

Tea & Oat Milk - A Cup of Good Choices


#9 (2% voted) Japanese Green Tea vs Chamomile Tea - 10 battles you don't want to miss

Japanese Green Tea and Chamomile have garnered cult followings over the years. People drink these beverages for different reasons; some prefer their taste, while others often drink them for their wonderful health benefits. Let’s find out which drink suits your lifestyle and health needs so you can figure out whether you’re going to purchase Japanese Green Tea or Chamomile Tea.


Japanese Green Tea vs Chamomile Tea - 10 battles you don't want to miss


#10 (1% voted🥲) Japanese Green Tea vs Peruvian Tea

Japanese Green Tea VS Peruvian Tea


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