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Will I Lose Weight Faster if I had Lemon or Ginger to Green Tea? - Green Tea Quiz

January 18, 2023

When it comes to weight loss, nothing beats the natural way of losing and shredding those pounds. Thus, one of the best life hacks in the world in reducing that bad weight is drinking a cup of green tea. On the other hand, one of the most staple ingredients that you could find in the kitchen would be lemons and ginger, and while these two are good flavorings for different kinds of dishes, did you know what could do wonders for your target weight too?   

Admit it, lemon water is one of the easiest in preparing a healthy drink. Ginger on the other hand is a miracle spice that is considered to have health benefits since ancient times. While lemon water and ginger in themselves are already beneficial on their own and while a cup of green tea in itself is already a weight loss booster because of the caffeine and catechin content in the tea leaves, an added more benefits when it comes to weight loss can be produced when your cup of green tea will be given a dash of ginger or slice of lemon.

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A Slice of Lemon to Shred some pounds 

While a cup of lemon and green tea can fight off health problems, gives your a fairer skin complexion, and boosts your immune system to new a few, this is one of the best-known drinks to give you a faster metabolism. Lemon is very known to be good for aiding your digestion and helps you to reduce calories. Lemon is also high in dietary fiber that would help you to flush out the toxins from your body and cleaning your urinary tract. A good combination is the vitamin C produced in lemon and the catechins found in green tea to help shed some weight. Lemon in your cup of green tea also helps in increasing energy levels that would help you to be more active in sweat and exercise. Having an active and regular exercise would surely be an answer to provide you your target weight to lose. Lemon is also known as an anti-inflammatory and would help to reduce muscle pains in a short span of time, leading you to another set of heavy workouts right away. 

Japanese Green Tea and Lemon

Lemon also keeps you hydrated and adding this in a cup of green tea would make you feel full and therefore would not lead you to eat some more and curb the urge of overeating. Replacing bad beverages such as soda drinks and processed fruit juices with natural healthy drinks such as lemon green tea will reduce your calories on a daily basis by 200 calories.

Ginger is the real deal

Another popular ingredient not just for food flavoring but an herb for weight loss too is ginger. It is known to fight body fat and obesity for it contains an active phenolic compound, gingerol that reduces your body’s lipid profile and by increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis. It also boosts your metabolism and digestion by stimulating the pancreatic digestive activity and reduces your body weight, waist to hip ratio, and hip ratio. It is also known to balance the blood glucose level in your body and prevents you to have diabetes.

A study from Columbia University and the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center shows that ginger produces more body heat that helps to shred fats in the body. It also reduces hunger to help lose weight. Much more, while high-stress levels are trigger factors in gaining fats, ginger is known as an antioxidant that fights off stress and reduces the level of cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone, in your body. Same with lemon, ginger also powers up you more and gives you more energy to do more physical activities and exercise more often and more intense to shred off some pounds.

Aside from these weight loss benefits coming from ginger, it does not only give a spice or kick unto your green tea but it would also make your cup of elixir healthier too. This could be a great filling drink in between meals to avoid overeating too since drinking green tea with ginger increases the metabolic rate in one’s body because of increased thermogenesis or amount of energy exerted in addition to the energy provided while at rest during the digestion and absorption of food and suppresses one’s appetite.

Tea and diet

They are easy to prepare!

The preparation for green tea with lemon is pretty simple. One could simply put some slices in their tea or squeeze some juice on the cup. On the other hand, what is usually used in ginger is its roots. Simply grate the roots or even the ginger itself and dash some of it in your green tea with or without a strainer. Others may also find a canned or jarred grated ginger in the market for convenience. The hot water in your green tea is the best way to prepare your drink with lemon and ginger as it would extract the nutrients from both.

On the other hand, cold water for your green tea, if you prefer so, would work wonders too, as eventually, the pulp in the lemon would be visible and cold water is absorbed more quickly than hot water. Either way of preparing your favorite drink, you will definitely rip off the benefits more when adding lemon or ginger.

Japanese Green Tea
All things said, while sipping a cup of green tea with a slice of lemon or a dash of ginger could work in your favor to cut some weight, one must be reminded that a chunk of discipline goes out for your healthy lifestyles such as regular exercise and a good, balanced diet. Watch out also for excessive intakes of lemon if you are acidic or of ginger to prevent heartburn or diarrhea.

While lemon and ginger would not do miracles for your target weight loss alone, it would definitely help alongside your favorite cup of green tea to shred those fats off your body. So, eat the healthy meals out there, sweat off to burn fats, and enjoy sipping for your favorite cup of green tea with lemon and ginger!

This post about Will I Lose Weight Faster if I had Lemon or Ginger to Green Tea was first published in 2021. We added the audio of this blog in 2023 just for you.

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July 29, 2021

After reading this blog I really had a lot of doubts about Green tea online that were dispelled. Reading this blog was a real pleasure for me. Thank you for sharing

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