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Introducing - Matcha Truffle Chocolate! Autumn & Winter Time Limited Product from.. guess where?

I’m super excited to share this news with you.
We now have Truffle Matcha Chocolate for a limited time!
And guess where this is from?
The heart of world cuisine is France and Japan.  : )

Let me tell you more about this.
My friend, Valentine, from Kumiko Matcha in France, let me try this Truffle Matcha, and I just fell in love with it.
I asked him if we could bring it outside France for the first time, and he said yes!
So here you are—be the very first to try this out in the USA and the world outside the French kitchen.
We cannot ship this chocolate in the summertime; as you can imagine, it is very delicate, so we were waiting for the fall to introduce it.
It’s a perfect treat for yourself (or treat others as a gift if you dare to share).

Japanese Green Tea Co. is proud to partner with Kumiko Matcha from France to bring you these delightful treats—Belgian chocolate truffles with organic Japanese matcha.

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The Perfect Bite-Size, Melt In Your Mouth Treat?

These Uber Rich Dark Chocolate & Matcha Truffles! The earthy, natural flavor of matcha pairs perfectly with the rich dark chocolate, topped with the irresistibly nutty truffle that melts all the sweet flavors together, sending your taste buds to heaven. Don’t be fooled, though; the goodness doesn’t end there! These little balls of decadence are also organic, vegan, and loaded with plant power. This is probably the most deliciously healthy dessert you can get.

Matcha Truffles

Just 8 Simple Organic Ingredients—Made To Perfection! All ingredients are produced using organic farming methods. The matcha is from Nakai-san, Kyoto, Japan. The product is produced in an organic workshop in Belgium.

  • Matcha Tea From Japan
  • Hazelnut Paste
  • Icing Sugar
  • Cane Sugar
  • Cocoa
  • Cocoa Beans
  • Hazelnut Paste
  • Cocoa Butter
    Matcha truffles vegan

    The Key Benefits

    • High-Grade Organic Matcha, Direct from the Heart of Japan
    • Melting Magic: Cocoa + matcha + truffle = silky, melting texture
    • A Healthy Treat is Vegan, organic, and as healthy as a sweet treat gets.
    • Minimal Ingredients: Just eight simple ingredients, combined to perfection.
    • Organically Farmed: To Support a Sweet State of Mind!

    Nakai San—An Organic Pioneer In Japan

    Nakai-san is an organic matcha farmer from Kyoto, Japan. His crops are located in a beautiful valley surrounded by small mountains. The consistent and comfortable weather enables consistent quality.

    Nakai San

    Kumiko Matcha—A French Matcha Company

    Nakai San collaborates with the French Matcha company, Kumiko Matcha. They work together to create vintage and single-origin organic matcha products. Kumiko Matcha was founded by Valentine, a young Frenchman who was traveling and discovered and fell in love with Matcha. He admired its amazing health benefits and the meditative ritual of drinking matcha. He loved the way it uplifts the body, mind, and spirit. However, when he returned to France, he couldn’t find organic, high-quality matcha. That’s when the idea for Kumiko Matcha was born.

    Kumiko Matcha

    Optimal Serving Suggestion For Peak Taste & Enjoyment

    Keep them refrigerated and thaw them for 1–2 hours before tasting. This is the peak time when the texture and consistency of the truffle blossom perfectly.

    Tip: These truffle balls pair perfectly with matcha tea!

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