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The Power of Benifuuki Green Tea for Allergies & More


The Power of Benifuuki Green Tea for Allergies & More

Are you familiar with the power of Benifuuki green tea for allergies? Or how it can help with blood pressure? Or how about what it can do for the look and feel of your skin?

If not, you won't want to miss the rest of this post!

The Japanese are famous for their long lifespans and lower rates of lifestyle diseases. So when something trends for having amazing health benefits in Japan, it's best for us in the West to listen.

What is Benifuuki Green Tea? 

The latest health secret is Benifuuki Green tea (a.k.a. benifuki), a delightfully bitter beverage that has incredible, scientifically proven benefits.

Benifuuki tea is a cultivar of the tea plant that was cross-bred between the varieties Assamica and Sinensis in 1965 in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima, Japan. It was originally developed as a mellow, aromatic black tea, but scientists soon discovered that harvesting it earlier as a green tea results in a powerful health beverage.

From allergies and beyond, here are five ways that Benifuuki green tea can improve your health and well-being.

1. Benifuuki Tea Alleviates Allergies

You can't talk about the benefits of Benifuuki without mentioning the power of this green tea for allergies!

Allergies are a nightmare for sufferers, but Benefuuki green tea is here to help.

This tea has the highest concentration of catechins of all green teas. Catechins are a category of polyphenols that gives green tea many of its amazing health benefits.

(Want to learn more about Catechins? Take a look at this post: Green tea science part 1: polyphenols, catechins and egcg - 15 commonly asked questions and how you can benefit.)

But Benifuuki green tea is a little different. Specifically, this tea has a high concentration of a special variety of catechin called methylated epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). (Also called methylated catechins)

Japanese scientists at Kyushu University discovered that methylated catechin works in the body to block histamines. And what happens when histamines are blocked? It alleviates the uncomfortable symptoms of seasonal allergies, cedar allergy, hives, and eczema!

This is a great tea to have on hand if you or anyone you know suffers from seasonal allergies!

Want to learn even more about it? In Nutrition Best-Seller book How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease By Michael Greger M.D., Dr. Michael recommends Benifuuki green tea for allergies in the section about beverages.


2. Benifuuki Tea helps with detox and metabolism

Perhaps the most important organ involved in detoxification from chemicals and heavy metals is the liver.

Our livers are very efficient at processing and eliminating toxins. The problem is, our modern diet often overloads the liver, leaving us tired and lethargic.

Benifuuki green tea's high concentration of methylated catechins make it a bitter tea - which is a good thing! Bitters are vital for the health of the liver, as bitter flavor kick-starts the production of bile.

Our Benifuuki tea is less bitter thanks to over a decade of research done by collaboration between Green Tea Farm Arahataen and University of Shizuoka. Incredibly, they were able to reduce bitterness and astringency caused by methylated catechins without reducing the amount of nutrients.

(Click here to read more about what astringency means for tea drinking)


Less Bitter BenifuukiBenifuuki without bitterness and astringency

Looking to lose a few extra pounds? According to research by Japanese scientists, Benifuuki green tea was much better at preventing diet-induced lipid disorder in mice fed a high-fat, high-sucrose diet.

The study also found it improves the liver's ability to break down fat, possibly aiding in the prevention of obesity.

That's right: Benifuuki green tea could help you have more energy and lose weight simply by supporting your body's natural functions!

3. Benifuuki Tea may help high blood pressure

Methylated catechins not only reduce the body's histamine levels, but can also fight high blood pressure.

Clinical trials have shown that Benifuuki green tea suppressed high blood pressure to a significantly greater extent than green tea that did not contain methylated EGCGs.

As nearly 30% of Americans have high blood pressure and more than 300,000 Americans die each year of complications from it, finding natural remedies for hypertension is extremely important.

Benifuuki tea's high concentration of methylated catechins could be an important tool in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

(Find the best green tea for allergies here)

4. Benifuuki Tea has incredible skin benefits

Japanese people are well known for their youthful, smooth skin. Green tea lovers already know the antioxidant content in green tea does an amazing job of helping the body repair itself and can even have protective benefits against UV radiation.

But Benifuuki green tea goes above and beyond in making your skin radiant for two reasons.

As a potent anti-allergy beverage, the methylated catechins reduce the same histamines that cause many skin irritations such as eczema and hives. The result is clearer skin.

What's more, when your liver and other organs associated with detoxification (such as the spleen and pancreas) are supported, you will eliminate the day-to-day toxins of modern life more efficiently, getting rid of them before they have a chance to make your skin look dull and saggy.

When your internal organs are healthier, you also have more energy and resources available to repair your skin.

So, if you want clearer and healthier skin, Benifuuki tea might be the right choice for you!

5. Benifuuki Tea Has A High Resistance To Plant Diseases

The Benifuuki tea cultivar has a strong resistance to disease. Tea plants in Japan are subject to many diseases and pests, which means fungicides and pesticides are often used in tea production.

Interestingly, the Benifuuki tea plant is highly resistant to many of these diseases compared to other varieties of tea plants. As a result, farmers use fewer pesticides on them.

This means there are substantially fewer harmful residues from these pesticides in any Benifuuki green tea product. (It is also much better for the environment!)

Why suffer from seasonal allergies, eczema, lethargy, and high blood pressure when a natural remedy exists?

Benifuuki green tea's unusually high concentration of methylated catechins gives it scientifically proven anti-allergy effects. Not to mention, it has incredible potential to help treat other illnesses by supporting your body's natural detoxifying functions.

Whether you want to try Benifuuki green tea for allergies or any of its other proven benefits, take it from the Japanese and give this tea a try next allergy season!

What is Benifuki Tea? Explained in One Minute

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Watch me explain about Benifuki to ChaCha

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Buy Benifuuki Tea Online

Click here to try Benifuuki green tea yourself today.

If you are interested in learning more about Benifuuki and how green tea can help with allergies, following are great resources. 

This post was first published in 2020, but it was updated in 2023 just for you.

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