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Japanese Green Tea Co. has a Storefront on Amazon Now!

Thanks for all your support; as you know, we were featured as the #1 New Release a couple of times when we released our Matcha and Nozomi. (You can read about them here.)

We have been creating an official storefront on Amazon, and I am happy to tell you that we now have a nice-looking official storefront!

Please click here or the image below to check this out!

Japanese Green Tea on Amazon

Can I Still Buy Your Tea from your online store outside Amazon?

Yes, Amazon is just another way for anyone to purchase; you can still buy all the tea the way you have been. There are no changes to that.

Is the price the same between your site and Amazon?

The price is exactly the same! 

What Products Are Available on Amazon?

I want to let you know that not all the products are available in the store (yet). 

Therefore, only the products for which you helped us design the packages are uploaded at this point. (Click here to read more about the package design you helped me with.)

Here are the products:

Why Should I Buy On Amazon When I Can Buy On Your Site?

You are correct that all the products are available on our site, and the price is the same.

But I have to be honest with you that some customers from the East Coast, especially those who are Prime members, may benefit from taking advantage of the 2-day shipping, which sometimes takes less time for it to be delivered.

We ship items from Portland, Oregon, so it takes less time for East Coast customers to get the products stored in different warehouses.

Can Amazon Make my tea taste better?

More Bundle Options on Amazon

We also introduced more bundle options if you want to combine more than one tea order with a discount.

Here are the bundle options you have:

Matcha Nozomi Set

Matcha Gyokuro Set

 Gyokuro Nozomi Set

 Covered Trio

Please Follow Us On Amazon!

Did you know that you can "follow" on Amazon as you do with Facebook and Instagram?

I didn't.

Anyway, when you go to our storefront, you see the "Follow Us" button here (see image below).

Please follow us, and you'll get a notification from Amazon when we do any deals, etc.!

Follow Us on Amazon!

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Nozomi Kabusecha on Amazon

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