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Gokuzyo Aracha Tea Package Design Contest Result

Thank you very much for participating in the Gokuzyo Aracha Japanese Green Tea Package Design Contest.

What the Contest Was

You have been helping us design packages for our tea in the past. (Please scroll down to the bottom to see the various designs you helped us with earlier.)

This time, you helped us design a package for Gokuzyo Aracha.

Gokuzyo Aracha is the economic line of our tea, which is popular among people who love sencha taste. The tea is in a less processed form, and it is the type of tea that tea farmers have been drinking for centuries. In other words, this tea is one of the purest forms of Japanese tea.
We are thinking of using the same Washi material as Nozomi. You helped me design the package earlier (thank you! : ). We received many comments saying that the Nozomi package is nice (especially with the resealable, eco-friendly part!), and thanks to all your help, we got the #1 New Release on Amazon. (Read more about it here.)

Contest First Round

Here are the questions that you are being asked for Round 1. (The actual form can be accessed here, and even though the contest is closed, you can still submit your selection if you wish.)

Gokuzyo Aracha First Round


Contest First Round - Result

Here is the result of the first round, but we ended up doing another round. Read on to see why.

Contest Result 1

So as you can see, the winner of the result was the one with the flower on the package.

However, quite a few people commented something like this:

  • The flower is misleading, as I don’t think this type of tea includes flowers.
  • Leaf or flower. Are there flowers in the tea? If not, then I’d vote no on the flower bag.
  • I like the flowers, but is it related to Japanese culture?

There was a clear divide in the design of the flower. The flower is designed based on the tea flower, but people do not associate flowers with Japanese tea.

There were many comments also mentioning the flower being too big in the design.

So taking in many of the comments above, we created two more designs with smaller flowers and without flowers.

Contest Final Round


Contest 2nd Round

As you can see, the flower is not the dominant part of the design anymore, and since people loved the lighter color better, we narrowed down the design to the lighter color, which shows the text and logo design better. You can still access the original contest here.

Contest Final Round - Result

And here is the result. 

Gokuzyo Aracha Final Round Result

As you can see, people still liked the design with a flower after all. But many people commented that a smaller flower looks better as it is not overwhelming, cute, and catches the eye if it were on the store shelf.

So, here is the final design for Gokuzyo Aracha!

Gokuzyo Aracha New Package

New Package is Ready Now!

We are happy to let you know that the Issaku package, which you helped us design, is finally done.

Here are some photos. Don't they look lovely?

Gokuzyo Aracha Japanese Sencha Crude Tea - Japanese Green Tea Co.

We have created a brand new video about Gokuzyo Aracha here too. Please see: 
Thank you very much again for all your input and help!

Click here to get Gokuzyo Aracha.

Thank you so much for your help in making this design a much better one. I truly appreciate all your votes, comments, and wonderful help!

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