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Introducing Eco-Friendly Resealable Package for Hojicha, Genmaicha and Genmai Matcha

We are happy to announce the new eco-friendly resealable package for our popular Hojicha, Genmiacha, and Genmai Matcha Loose Leaf Tea!

The modern and clean design look good together on your kitchen counter (or cabinet). Don't you think?

The resealable package that we introduced when we designed Nozomi and Gokuzyo Aracha was quite popular among our customers, so we kept the same for these three products.

When you seal them, try to squeeze as much air out as possible to keep your tea fresh. It is airtight, so you can keep it in the refrigerator and not have the fish odor from last night's yummy dish.

We created a trio-saving package for you to order them together.

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