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How to remove lumps from Matcha effectively

May 23, 2022

How to remove lumps from Matcha effectively

Matcha is quite popular powdered Japanese green tea with bright green color and smooth, creamy texture. Drink Matcha as it is or add milk and something sweet to balance bitterness, and you can also add it in your other kind of drinks. When you first make Match, you will notice some lumps, and if you leave your drink for some time, some matcha powder starts to settle at the bottom. It is due to the fact that Matcha is not completely powder but instead little pieces of leaves that do not dissolve in water. 

matcha green tea whisking

It happens to every kind and grade of Matcha. You will not see it in drinks you buy from cafes because they prepared it in another cup and added it to your latte or beverage, or it is not made with pure Matcha powder. Some Matcha has sugared-powder in it to mild down the bitterness and makes it dissolve fully.

Whenever you make Matcha, there will always be lumps because it is made up of tea leaves ground into powder form, which does not fully dissolve in water or milk. When you whisk prepare it, you create a suspension of liquid and tea leaves, which is not equal to a fully dissolved mixture. You will also have clumpy Matcha if the container is not tight, and powder is exposed to moisture, condensation or heat.

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Here are a few tips and methods through which you can avoid lumps in your Matcha when preparing it.  

  • Pass the Matcha powder through a sieve. Sifting your Matcha will be easier to dissolve in water, and it ensures a smoothie, creamier and richer texture tea. It is a first step in breaking the clumps swiftly and making frothy Matcha.

  • Use Bamboo whisk and slightly hot water (70-80°) when making tea. Another way to avoid clumps is to create a paste first. First, add a little bit of water and whisk it gradually with mild force. By limiting the amount of water, you will be able to handle the powder and easily remove the lumps by whisking them down. Gradually add water until the desired amount and keep whisking until foamy on the top. By adding all the water at once will make it harder for you to break all the lumps effectively, therefore, prepare with care.

  • After making the Matcha, if you still see some lumps in tea, which at this point will be minimum, use a small spoon to take them out. Also, the key to enjoying it is to drink it immediately after making it into three or four sips while also savoring it.

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