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How Green Tea Can Help You Maintain Mental Health Balance

Green tea is arguably one of the healthiest superfoods out there. It is loaded with several nutrients that have health benefits for our bodies, both mentally and physically. Green tea has been shown to help improve mental focus while giving you the energy boost you require.

The natural beverage extract is packed with essential antioxidants and nutrients that prevent countless diseases, including those that affect the brain, heart, and liver. It provides a myriad of other health benefits, from protecting your skin to reducing cancer risks.

drinking green tea

Like other non-herbal teas, green tea is essentially made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It is less processed using steam-dry methods to fully maintain its nutrients and antioxidants. Also, green tea has been used for centuries in Japanese and Chinese medical practices and has been acknowledged by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) for the numerous health benefits it provides.

The general health benefits of green tea are vast and would require an article of their own. However, in this one, we are going to enlighten you on how green tea can help you maintain your mental health balance.

1. The Antioxidants In Green Tea Have Been Shown To Help Protect Brain Cells From Oxidative Stress

The oxidants in green tea extracts prevent brain cell damage, which could otherwise lead to significant mental loss or even cause Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia brain diseases. Some would argue that it is an important staple for populations in the coronavirus pandemic era.

COVID-19 has had a big impact on mental health, causing governments to invest significantly to protect their citizens. You can see which countries are devoting resources in this area in this image from One of the reasons many governments are investing heavily in research, public health support, and awareness initiatives on mental health is because it affects a nation’s productivity and has related socioeconomic impacts.

Also, the green tea extracts come in handy in reducing the action of heavy metals such as copper and iron, which can damage the brain cells as well. Therefore, regular consumption of green tea is essential for optimum brain health.

2. Drinking Green Tea Improves Your General Alertness

When it comes to mental alertness, green tea is the undisputed champion. Many sources indicate that green tea contains the low caffeine content required for the short-term alertness effect. It is thus more beneficial compared to higher-caffeine products such as coffee, which can be overstimulating and could cause issues with your nervous system.

drinking Japanese Green Tea

Most individuals consume green tea whenever they want to remain calm and focused on completing an important task in a healthy way. Therefore, if you are looking for a beverage good enough to just wake you up without causing any anxieties or jitters, then green tea is a perfect option.

3. Even if more Research is Required, Consuming Green Tea May Help Reduce Anxieties

According to a review published in October 2017 in phytomedicine, it was suggested that caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine lower anxieties as well as influence other crucial brain cognitive functions. Therefore, consuming a cup of green tea regularly may help you lower symptoms related to anxiety disorders, whether generalized, obsessive-compulsive, or social anxiety types of disorders.

Remember, when anxieties are not managed appropriately, they cause effects such as fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, breathing problems, and even worse problems in the long run. Because everyone wants a healthy and natural way to deal with anxiety, drinking green tea on a regular basis can help.

4. Green Tea Can Help Reduce Depression Levels

Several studies show a correlation between higher consumption of green tea and reduced depression levels in elderly individuals. Nevertheless, more and more human trials are in progress to find out exactly how green tea affects depression symptoms. For instance, in one study, green tea polyphenols produced antidepressant-like effects on mice. That suggests the same results could be similar for human beings.

japanese green tea and depression

Additionally, some studies were carried out on the healthy Korean population and the effects of green tea consumption on mental health. Surprisingly, those who drank tea regularly were 21% less likely to develop symptoms of depression over their lifespan compared to green tea non-drinkers. Therefore, there is no doubt that green tea is a great natural solution when it comes to handling depression levels.

5. Long-Term Habitual Green Tea Consumption May Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Dementia refers to a chronic or persistent mental process disorder that is caused by brain disease and characterized by memory disorders and impaired reasoning. Consuming as little as one cup of green tea per week enables you to perform and process information tasks better as compared to non-green tea drinkers. That’s according to researchers on elderly people over the age of 55 in Singapore. So, if you value your brain's cognitive abilities, then don’t hesitate to include green tea in your daily menu.

6. Green Tea Can Help You Recover More Quickly From a Stressful Task

People across the world have testified to the relaxing and refreshing effects of drinking green tea for centuries. Drinking green tea serves a purpose beyond quenching your thirst. It’s also a perfect aid for meditation, soothing the nerves, and even when you need to unwind from a stressful day's task.

Japanese Green Tea

Moreover, researchers have found that drinking green tea significantly lowers the stress hormone cortisol, leaving someone feeling strong, healthy, and full of energy. So, sitting down and relaxing with a cup of green tea goes a long way toward helping you stay active and healthy.

7. Preparing and Enjoying Green Tea in a Social Setting Feels Relaxing On the Body

Truth be told, tea is a common beverage enjoyed by most families and cultures. There is a tea culture surrounding different ways of preparing and consuming tea, as well as the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking. Whatever the social setting, it is always a wonderful and relaxing moment to have a cup of green tea together with your family, friends, or colleagues. Moreover, some cultures may enjoy tea in small private gatherings commonly known as tea parties or in public, also known as tea houses. All of them essentially serve social interaction purposes.

We are living in a world where access to mental health therapy is limited. More than one-third of individuals suffering from anxiety and depression aren’t able to access proper mental therapy. Nevertheless, as emphasized in this article, green tea could be a healthy and natural remedy to help us maintain mental health balance and wellness.

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