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Sharon W - by , Marach 13, 2019

Buy Premium Matcha Chasen Whisk and Scoop Set (100 Prong)

Premium quality 100 prong matcha chasen whisk and scoop set.  Made with durable and high-grade bamboo designed to last. 

Compared to a low-quality 40-60 prong whisk, this whisk has 100 prongs and considered the highest grade and used in high-end tea ceremonies in Japan. 

Whisk Dimension: (Since it is made out of natural bamboo, measurement varies, but the following gives a general idea)

The base of the whisk: 30mm (1.3 inches)
Length of the whisk: 100 mm (3.9 inches)
Whisk opening: 60mm (2.4 inches)

Spoon Dimension: 180mm (7.1 inches)

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