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Sharon W - by , Marach 13, 2019

Benifuuki - Allergy Relief Japanese Green Tea Candy (30 Candies)

Quantity  30 Candies 
Type Premium Benifuki Green Tea Candy with Menthol
Country of Origin 100 % Made in Japan

Benifuuki green tea (Also written sometimes as Benifuki) is a type of green tea that is booming in Japan due to being good for relieving allergies such as seasonal allergies, cedar allergies, hay fever. Study has also shown that benifuki is good for MCAD (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome).

This is candy made out of Benifuuki tea with menthol. 

When you feel the allergy outside, have one candy on the go and you feel better. 

Benifuuki contains high levels of Methylated Catechins, one of the highest of EGCG among tea.  

Methylated Catechins inhibits the mast cell response, which leads to preventing allergies and hay fever. 

Methylated Catechins are generally known for bitterness and astringency; however, the Arahataen research team created a specific type of natural dirt to grow Benifuuki, which allows more Methylated Catechins to remain in the tea yet retain aroma and flavor by reducing the bitterness and astringency.

How to Use: Each candy is sealed and warped, so you just open the wrap and enjoy! 
This is candy and not tea. If you are looking for tea version, please click here. 

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