Oregano Tea Benefits and Some Healthy Tea Snacks

July 23, 2021

Oregano Tea Benefits and Some Healthy Tea Snacks

Did you know that oregano, a well-known ingredient in your favorite pizza dish, can also be used for the preparation of a tea that can have an awesome effect on your immune system? 

The taste of oregano tea depends on how many leaves of oregano you’ll use but it certainly has a true natural aroma. Like most natural and raw tea beverages, it is consumed with honey and it needs about 5 minutes for the water to absorb all of the remedies the oregano (also known as Origanum vulgare in Latin) herb provides. Both dried or fresh oregano can be used for the preparation of this simple tea beverage.      

Oregano tea

Like most herbs in the mint family, oregano provides a variety of antioxidants that cannot be found easily. Additionally, oregano contributes to better digestion due to the amounts of fiber it contains, and it also contains omega-3 fatty acids that are important for overall health, especially for the health of your heart. Besides that, oregano is an excellent source of vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, and K, and minerals such as manganese, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, and others. A powerful combination of these vitamins and minerals will contribute to a stronger immune system, better sight, healthy blood vessels, and will bring many other health benefits.

The importance of the oregano herb 

This unique herb has been used as a common remedy for centuries but you’ll probably wonder what makes it so unique in comparison to other herbs which can be beneficial for your health? 

This miracle herb is considered to be a great energy booster but it also has many properties which can have a significant role in preventing or curing cancer. Oregano is a good source of antioxidants that contribute to a better state of cells that may be affected by free radicals linked to early stages of cancer development. Also, the organic compounds that oregano contains can be of key importance in creating a protective shield against various types of cancer and tumors. Of course, you can have all of these benefits from oregano tea only if you consume it on a regular basis, but that is basically a rule for any tea out there that may have some health benefits. This Mediterranean jewel has a deserving place in folk medicine and it definitely can be one of the factors in a successful fight against colon cancer, prostate cancer, and even leukemia.        

Other benefits

In addition to all the benefits it has in the fight against cancer, oregano tea also has various benefits for relieving the symptoms of flu and colds. In addition, it will help in the treatment of sore throat, sinusitis, and will serve as an excellent expectorant and inhalant for those who have asthma. 

Oregano tea

However, this is not all, oregano tea vapor will also cleanse your nasal passages and sinuses. In addition to tea, oregano oil is also a popular remedy for fighting the flu or cold. The more carvacrol the oil contains, the stronger it works. Other benefits of oregano tea include the ability to detoxify the body by stimulating sweating and reducing infections due to the increased amount of mucus in the lungs.

Also, oregano is amongst the herbs that have an impressive set of properties for a fight against viral infections. This mint-family herb falls into the same category as peppermint, garlic, basil, sage, ginger, rosemary, etc. All of these herbs will keep you healthy and are extremely useful for a variety of reasons.    

Since oregano is a true natural analgesic, oregano tea can certainly help in treating headaches, low back pain, and similar conditions that cause uncomfortable pain. Although migraines are unpredictable and very difficult to treat, oregano tea will calm the nervous system considerably and thus reduce the chances of severe side effects that may include vomiting or nausea. 

Try these enjoyable and healthy snacks with your tea 

Whether you’re going with oregano tea, green tea, or other tea you prefer, you can always complement this with a snack that is good for your overall health. You already had late lunch and it’s too late for coffee, so going with a tea if you need a hot and calming beverage in the evening would probably be the best choice.

You can either go with a healthy snack with your tea or dinner that wouldn’t make you bloated later on. In order to keep your weight in check, you should probably go with a light dinner portioned according to your nutritional needs. If you prefer to enjoy your evening without roaming through the kitchen, maybe you should consider contacting Dinnerly - a meal delivery service that would fit your needs. You should try a low-calorie and low-carb meal that will not compromise your fitness goals. 

oregano tea snacks

If your calorie intake was heavy during the day, it would be great if you could only choose one of your favorite snacks with your evening tea and wrap it up for a day. Some good choices would be whole wheat wraps filled with veggies, vegetable sticks with a dip of your choosing, some kind of baked pasta, roasted chickpeas, or maybe a mix of nuts. When you’re ready to take that break in the evening, it’s best to snack on vegetables in order to control your calorie intake. You would think that veggie snacks are boring but you can always make it interesting and flavorful by roasting it to get that extra crisp or simply adding your favorite dip for a better taste. Almost any vegetable is a good choice but we are to mention some of those would be celery, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, green peppers, etc.     

It’s obvious that all of the above is not actually a snack but the idea is to have a light meal that will not compromise your goal of eating and living healthy. Hopefully, you’ll find a way to avoid ordering fast food and fried foods in the evening if you’re craving food after a long day in the office.     

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