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Japanese Green Tea Company's Award-Winning Matcha is On Amazon Now

The Japanese Green Tea Company released its first product on Amazon. The Award-Winning and very popular Premium Matcha is now on Amazon as a Prime Product. The product was awarded the #1 New Release on Amazon two days after its release.

Story Behind the Box Design

We are very pleased to have a very engaged audience of people who love green tea and our product. (It is called the Green Tea Club, and you can join today from here.)

With the help of engaging Green Tea Club members, the design of the box was put up for a contest to select the best design. The result of the design contest was used for the production of the box used by Amazon.

You can read more about the contest here or by clicking on the below link.

Story Behind the Matcha Product

The matcha has been an extremely popular product at the Japanese Green Tea Company due to the tea being awarded as the 2018 Global Tea Champion.

We use sugarcane in the soil, which makes the tea taste less bitter and less astringent. This is the reason why our product has been winning a variety of awards.

You can read more about how we care about the dirt and why our tea is so unique here.

Award Winning Matcha

#1 New Release On Amazon!

With the help of Green Tea Club members, the initial sales volume of the matcha product helped the product rank #1 New Release on Amazon after two days of release.

Amazon #1 New Release

#1 New Release Matcha on Amazon


Matcha on Amazon

Getting Initial Reviews

As the product has just been released, there are only a few reviews on Amazon yet. However, the initial reviews are very good, thanks to people posting honest reviews on Amazon.

If you bought one and have not written a review, we appreciate you writing an honest review on Amazon! Click here to leave an honest review.

Japanese Green Tea Matcha Amazon Reviews

Get Yours On Amazon Today

For a limited time, please click here to get a coupon code to get 20% OFF Your first order. This should make it cheaper than getting yours from our site for the initial launch discount.

Claim One-time Coupon Code on Amazon

See Resulting Product On Amazon

Japanese Green Tea Company Amazon Matcha


View and Get Your Matcha On Amazon Now!

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Join Green Tea Club

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