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Introducing Refill Option - Being Eco Friendly

We, the Japanese Green Tea Co., care about nature and would love to initiate being more eco-friendly.

We are very happy to offer a new option for all our tea lovers.

Today, we are happy and proud to be introducing a Refill option for our tubed packages.

What Is It?

Three of our products, IssakuGyokuro, and Matcha, come in air-tight tube packages that are designed to keep the tea retained for the maximum amount of time.

For these three products, you now have the option to Refill at checkout so that only the inner packaging is shipped without the tube.

You also save up to $5 per package when you choose this option. ($5 off for Issaku and Gyokuro, $3 off for Matcha)

This effort reduces waste, and we value the zero-waste mentality.

You save the planet by selecting the option too!

Which Products Have Refill Option?

Here are the products with a refill option: You save even more when you subscribe to the tea by getting 20% off the refill option.

What About Other Tea?

Our other tea uses a resealable package, which is already eco-friendly. We already switched from a tin can a while back, thanks to your help here.

Resealable eco-friendly tea


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