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Introducing Japanese Green Tea Podcast

I am excited to let you know that we are introducing…
Japanese Green Tea Podcast! (The clapping sound goes here.)
Well, actually, not that kind of news.
Do you remember when I mentioned that we started to use an AI Robot to narrate our popular blog posts?
(We named her Naomi, BTW.)
It has been pretty popular with people who often drive so that they can listen to blog posts in the car.
So we thought we would make it easier for people to consume them using podcasts.
I have been a fan of podcasts for decades.
When I lived in Japan, I often read on a train, but once I moved to the USA, that wasn’t an option, so I naturally turned to audiobooks and podcasts. 
It has been on one of my bucket lists to have my own Podcast, so I kind of cheated, but I put a checkmark next to it. Haha.. : )
So here it is: you can subscribe using your favorite podcast listener, including Apple PodcastGoogle PodcastAmazon Music, and Spotify now!


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