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4 Ways to Include Green Tea in Your Skincare Routine

December 02, 2020

4 Ways to Include Green Tea in Your Skincare Routine

Green tea is a rich source of bioactive components, which is why it’s quickly becoming a popular cosmetic ingredient. A study on the use of tea in cosmetics pointed out that green tea extract is widely used for its antioxidant, photo-protective, and skin-enhancing properties. Thus, green tea is being incorporated into cosmetics, such as creams, serums, and even sunscreens. But if you want to get the most out of this versatile skincare ingredient, you can try various application methods to address your specific needs. Here are some ways to include green tea in your skincare routine:

Reverse the signs of aging by applying green tea onto your skin

While skin aging is a natural process, certain factors can make it go faster than usual. For instance, sun exposure accounts for the development of the visible signs of aging. Harmful ultraviolet rays can damage the skin’s connective tissues, which then causes the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

green tea skin

However, green tea can help reverse the signs of aging, thanks to its skin-repairing properties. Green tea contains EGCG, which can improve the moisture retention of your skin and reduce the formation of wrinkles. On top of that, green tea can also help reactivate dry skin cells because it contains catechin. To benefit from these properties, prepare a mixture of green tea and allow it to cool. Then, use cotton pads to apply the green tea mixture onto your skin.

Your skin can look less dull with the help of a green tea compress

Your skin can become dull and dry due to lifestyle stressors. For instance, an unbalanced diet can cause skin inflammation and dehydrate your skin. Meanwhile, cigarette smoke and air pollution can cause a dull complexion, since these contain heavy chemicals that weaken the skin's barrier.

As such, skincare routines for dull skin contain ingredients that boost the skin’s defenses against lifestyle aggressors. In fact, these skincare products are incorporated with antioxidants that can protect the skin’s surface from the damaging effects of free radicals and environmental stressors. Since green tea contains antioxidant properties, you can use it as a compress for dark circles after moisturizing your skin. Place the damp tea bags over your eyes for fifteen to thirty minutes to reduce signs of dullness around the area.

Spot-treating acne with green tea can yield comparable results to other acne treatments

Acne is a skin condition that can develop due to bacteria build-up and excess sebum production. Bacteria usually accumulate within your pores and cause them to clog. Then, pimples will begin to surface because the sebum is unable to escape due to the blockage.

green tea skin care

To properly treat this, you’ll need to apply anti-inflammatory acne treatments to affected areas. This will help in reducing the swelling as well as the bacteria production caused by acne. However, researchers have discovered that the application of green tea on acne is comparable to the effects of clindamycin. Since green tea contains a polyphenolic compound, it can help in targeting excess sebum production and acne formation. To do this, place a damp tea bag directly on the affected area. Place the tea bag over each area for twenty minutes so that your skin can properly soak up the anti-inflammatory properties.

You can treat dry skin by exfoliating with a green tea sugar scrub

While dryness isn’t a serious skin condition, it is a warning sign that your skin isn’t getting the amount of moisture that it requires. When this need is ignored, your skin may develop redness and flakiness. You may even experience itchiness or bleeding due to your skin’s dehydration.

To treat dry skin, you must moisturize and exfoliate it properly. Moisturizers can provide enough hydration to protect your skin’s barrier, while exfoliation can encourage skin turnover by removing the dead cells on the surface. The good news is that you can moisturize and exfoliate your skin with the help of a green tea sugar scrub. To create the scrub, mix a cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup of olive oil, and ½ cup of green tea. Then, gently massage this onto your skin and rinse it with warm water.

Green tea is widely used in cosmetic products due to its skin-enhancing properties. To get the most out of it, follow these strategies in green tea application based on your specific skin concerns. By applying this versatile ingredient correctly, you can say goodbye to your skincare concerns.

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