Green Tea & Health

Want affirmation for your green tea habit? Check out these articles that detail why green tea promotes a sound mind and body.

Green tea is considered a superfood for a reason. We've done the research and taken pains to explain in layman's language why drinking green tea is good for you.

This page shares findings from the latest green tea studies. Stay updated on all the green tea health benefits here.

Green Tea and Blood Pressure – Increase Your Life By Decreasing Blood Pressure

Green tea may aid in the reduction of high blood pressure, which is a key risk factor for heart disease and stroke. In this article, we look at the scientific...

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Is Drinking Too Much Green Tea Bad for You?

Green tea is well-known for its numerous health advantages, but can you have too much of a good thing? Discover the risks of overindulging in this popular beverage and how...

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Tips for making tea part of your post-run/recovery routine

I’ll describe in detail what my post-run recovery routine often looks like, I’ll also describe why I think including tea in your post-run recovery routine may make a lot of...

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Green Tea Science Part 1: Polyphenols, Catechins and EGCG - 45 Commonly Asked Questions and How You Can Benefit

Although the popularity of green tea in the Western world is a fairly recent phenomenon, the highly beneficial nutrition value has enjoyed a favorable reputation throughout many parts of Asia...

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Green Tea Science Part 2: Tannin, and Gallic Acid – 7 Commonly Asked Questions and How You Can Benefit

Uncover the fascinating world of tannin and gallic acid in Japanese tea. From taste to health benefits, explore the science behind these compounds.

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How to Fight Against Anti-Aging by Consuming Japanese Green Tea Daily

Discover how Japanese green tea can help you fight against aging. Learn about the powerful antioxidants and nutrients found in green tea that promote healthy skin, boost metabolism, and more....

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Japanese Green Tea and Yoga - 10 Surprising Facts about Two Cultures and How They Connect

Did you know that Japanese green tea and yoga share a deep connection? In this article, we delve into 10 surprising facts about how these ancient practices intersect, from promoting...

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Japanese Green Tea and Skin Health

Achieve healthy, glowing skin with Japanese green tea. Learn how this ancient elixir can reduce inflammation, improve skin elasticity, and more. Click to unlock the secrets of green tea for...

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Japanese Green Tea and Hair Health - How It Works and DIY Home Treatment

Unlock the secrets to luscious locks with green tea. Discover how this ancient elixir can improve hair growth, prevent hair loss, and add shine. Plus, learn how to create a...

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Want Good Oral Health? Get Our Top Ten Tips for Why Drinking Green Tea Will Get You There!

Discover the natural way to healthy teeth and gums. Our top ten tips explore how green tea can improve oral health by fighting bacteria, freshening breath, and preventing cavities. Click...

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For Spa Owners - How and Why Serving Japanese Green Tea Increases Customer Satisfaction

Enhance your customers' spa experience with Japanese green tea. Discover the benefits of serving this ancient beverage, from promoting relaxation to aiding digestion. Click to learn more.

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Green Tea Science Brewing Technique Book - Green Tea Science, Brewing Technique Book - 12 Scientifically Proven Techniques to Make Your Green Tea Taste Better and Healthier

Download our Green Green Tea Science Brewing Technique Book to learn about 12 Scientific Tips for Brewing Green Tea to Taste Better.  The E-Book also includes the chapter of Kei Nishida's...

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