Japanese Green Tea Company at Northwest Tea Festival, Seattle WA

July 22, 2019

Japanese Green Tea Company at Northwest Tea Festival, Seattle WA

Japanese Green Tea Company will be holding booth at Northwest Tea Festival 2019 in Seattle from 9/28/2018 - 9/29/2019.

This is the second year at this event. Here are some of the pictures from the 2018 fair and my personal thoughts from the first-time experience of this type of event so that you can see how it was like at the fair, and read about my thoughts and all the lessons-learned from this event. 

Last Year's Experience

Last year was our first consumer related fair experience.  We were very overwhelmed with all the tea lovers who came to the fair, but at the same time very excited to meet and hear what people had to say about our products.  Thanks to all the help from everyone involved, the fair was a very successful event for us.   

Here are some of the pictures from the fair and my personal thoughts from the first-time experience of this type of event so that you can see how it was like at the fair, and read about my thoughts and all the lessons-learned from this event. 

Pictures from the 2018 Fair

We have spent a lot of time and effort to make a good presentation.  I think that the idea of having actual lemon and mikan made the booth look a lot brighter.  

One of the most commonly asked questions from the World Tea Expo which we had earlier in Las Vegas was... 

"What is Mikan?" 

The answer: Mikan is Japanese Orange which the English name is Citrus Unshu.

Mikan is also called satsuma mandarin.

I wished I could show the actual Mikan at the booth, but I couldn't get one in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas.  So this time, I bought it specifically to show at the booth. 

Japanese Green Tea with MikanJapanese Green Tea with Mikan sold out first

This time, with the actual Mikan around the product display, Japanese Green Tea with Mikan sold out first.  (If you are interested, it is available online here.)

Preparing for the Booth

Preparation for the booth was a lot easier than Las Vegas World Tea Expo

The simple reason why it was easier is - we drove to Seattle!

One of the hardest logistics of participating in this kind of event is how to get the things to the booth. For the Las Vegas show, I had a very hard time figuring out what to ship, what to bring and what to order to be delivered at the booth. 

This time, we just packed everything in the car!  Easy. : ) 

We wanted to make sure that the water is good quality for giving away the sample, so we decided to bring the entire water cooler with us.

Here are pictures of the empty floor while setting up. 

Northwest Tea Festival PreparingThe day before the fair, the floor looks empty. 

Empty Northwest Tea Festival before fair startsIt looks so different when the preparation is going on.  

In the Morning 

The show floor starts at 10 am, we got to the fair about an hour earlier to get ready. People were already lining up for the fair.  Wow.  

People lining up at Northwest Tea FestivalMany people lining up to get into the Northwest Tea Festival

Northwest Tea Festival Sign
We just encountered the stuff bringing up the famous Northwest Tea Festival Tea Pot sign!

The Show Starts!

Here is how the show floor looked after the show is opened. (See how different from above empty floor before opening)   There are so many people that it was even hard to move around the booth. 

Northwest Tea Festival Floor packed with people
Northwest Tea Festival - the floor is packed with people

Here are some more pictures of our booth.  Thank you so much for everyone stopping by!  I wished we had more time to chat, but we were so busy preparing samples for everyone. 

Japanese Green Tea booth at Northwest Tea FestivalWe were lucky to be situated in a corner booth so we could show more products on the side. 

Nozomi Japanese Green Tea at Northwest Tea Festival
Our Nozomi - Covered Green Tea was very popular at Fair
(Here is a link to the product)

 Gyokuro at Japanese Green Tea Company
Our Gyokuro was also popular and sold out quickly. We should have brought more with us. (Here is a link to the product)

Kei Nishida at Northwest Tea Fsetival
Here is a picture of me at the booth. : ) 

Overall, it was super fun and exciting event. Thank you very much for everyone who came to the booth. 

I look forward to keeping in touch and be connected with you all.  Thank you!

Other Events We Participate

Here are some of the other events we participate and the pictures/videos from the past events.  

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