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Japanese Green Tea Co. Introduces Japanese Coffee Co. - Charcoal Roasted Premium Japanese Coffee (Sumiyaki) first-time-ever outside Japan

We are excited to announce that we are starting a new company. 

Japanese Coffee Co. 

What is it? 

Japanese Coffee Co. is the first company to introduce Premium Japanese Coffee called Sumiyaki coffee outside Japan.

Sumiyaki coffee is charcoal roasted craftsman coffee which is being loved in Japan for a long time, but never seen light outside Japan.

What is Sumiyaki Charcoal Roasted Coffee? 

Sumiyaki coffee has been a hidden treasure that has been nestled in the heart of Japan since 1933. For coffee enthusiasts & lovers of Japan alike, Sumiyaki coffee is an experience to be had. Sumiyaki, which means charcoal roasted in English, is a unique Japanese method they use to roast their premium coffee beans.

Similar to Japan’s famous hibachi grill method. They both use Binchotan charcoal. It burns for long hours while being very clean & food grade safe. The high steady heat combined with alkalized ashes helps enhances the taste & aroma of the coffee beans. Resulting in the unique flavor profile of Japanese Sumiyaki coffee.

Here is a short video of roasting coffee with charcoal. 

Click here to go to Japanese Coffee Co. Page

coffee and tea

Words From The Founder, Kei Nishida:

The idea for the Japanese Coffee Company arose oddly enough, from an April fool s joke.

It has long since been a tradition for me to send our customers an April fools joke every year. In 2018, I sent an email saying that we were starting a coffee company. I thought it was a nice joke to come from the "tea guy". However, as it turned out, I was rather surprised by the response.

I had automatically thought tea lovers are not coffee lovers. But the reaction to my April fools joke proved me wrong. So many readers had responded by asking me how they can get it. I was astonished. Theorizing perhaps they are playing a reverse April Fools joke back on me. But, as I came to pleasantly find out, they were adamant about attaining Japanese coffee.

Since then, I started to learn about coffee and Japanese coffee seriously while operating Japanse Green Tea Co.

Most of our customers & blog audiences happen to love Japan. So they knew or perhaps even assumed that Japanese coffee is just as superb as its tea. However, it is not something that can easily be bought outside of Japan.

I savored the thought of acquiring Japanese Sumiyaki coffee at my home in America. As I had grown up in Japan & when I was there, I used to go to a Kissaten, or coffee cafe, with my Mom regularly. She favored Sumiyaki coffee, with its distinct taste & aroma. We d spend many good afternoons chatting, enjoying each other s company & reading books.

Those days were very pleasant moments, & childhood memory. So now, every time I smell Sumiyaki coffee, I experience a warm, nostalgic feeling. Many of my friends here in the USA who are Japanese or have been to Japan also have similar feelings attached to Japanese Coffee. So I thought, perhaps it s time the rest of the world can discover the hidden treasure of Sumiyaki coffee. Or equally, revisit the nostalgia of Japan & charcoal roasted coffee in the comfort of their own homes. Which is how Japanese Coffee Co was born. As if the world had conspired for it to happen.

With love and gratitude,

Kei Nishida
Founder and CEO

Click here to go to Japanese Coffee Co. Page

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