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Introducing New Matcha Paper Tube - Choose Eco-Friendly

I have some hot news today that I want to share with you. We have been working on this since the spring.
We have a brand new paper package for our most popular award-winning matcha!
What do you think? Isn’t it awesome?


This means a lot to us; do you know why?
We have now completely let go of all our tin can packages to be eco-friendly.
It means a lot to me to be good to the environment.
Did you know tin cans are bad for the environment? I wrote a whole blog about it here if you want to know more…
We also created a brand-new video based on our popular blog post to celebrate this. Please check it out!
Even more, we created a combination set with bamboo and an electric whisk, so you get a 20% discount if you want to get them both.
And in case you do not want to get whisk this time, we are doing a sale on matcha today, so you can be the first to see our new eco-friendly Japanese paper package.

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