Green Tea Mania’s Top 10 Luxury Tea Gift List

November 08, 2021

Green Tea Mania’s Top 10 Luxury Tea Gift List

Sometimes we watch or read something about the luxurious and most expensive items. Having the essential things is enough for us to enjoy the wonders of consuming tea. For the rich, they can splurge on extravagant items for their leisure and entertainment.

Tea lovers wanted to know what the popular expensive tea items are and what makes these expensive. Since we are too hesitant to buy expensive accessories, let’s look and judge these expensive tea things that can be found on Amazon. All the prices listed were the posted prices on the date we published this post.

XYSQWZ Exquisite Afternoon Tea Set


XYSQWZ Exquisite Afternoon Tea Set , Ceramics European Style Living Room Coffee Cup Teapot Set, New Wedding Items, Move to New Home Gifts for Household
An exquisite teapot set that will make your plain table become a classic afternoon tea hotspot. Even a slice of bread with jam or a scrambled egg next to a cup will look like you ate at a luxurious hotel. We hope that tea lovers will get the best for their room décor because of this delicate teaware.

24pc Roses Tea Cup Set Antique Blue 24K Gold Vintage Dining for 6


24pc Roses Tea Cup Set Antique Blue 24K Gold Vintage Dining for 6 dinnerware set dishes set dinner set kitchen items Dinner plates Dish set Plate set Home...

The complete tea set for the whole household or let's say for the entire people in the mansion. Using these feels like living in the Victorian era. The product listing mentioned that these contain "phosphate derived from animal bone and calculated calcium phosphate" meaning these are made of "Bone China" or what they also call "English Porcelain," the strongest and chip-resistant porcelain or ceramics.

BJH Bay Window Handmade Straw Tea Table


Bay Window Table Modern Minimalist Table Handmade Straw Tea Table Tatami Coffee Table Square Table Storage Items

A small low, minimalist table that looks good on traditional Japanese houses and at the same time can be a space saver on a modern room. It's simple, but buyers probably think that this table will last for a long time.

Upscale Chinese Yixing Genuine Purple Clay Teapot 9oz


Upscale Teapot Chinese Yixing Genuine Purple Clay Tea Pots 9oz ,Masterpieces with Anti-counterfeiting Certificate

This small handmade teapot is made of purple sand. The excellent air permeability of this teapot seals the tea's aroma and flavor longer than the normal teapots. For tea enthusiasts who care about the aesthetics and quality of tea they will indeed like this. However, we surely don't need the added purple sand health benefits to enjoy the beautiful experience and taste of newly infused tea leaves.

Imperial/Lomonosov Porcelain 'Bindweed' Tea Set 20 pc. for 6 persons


Imperial/Lomonosov Porcelain 'Bindweed' Tea Set 20 pc. for 6 persons

Made by Imperial Porcelain Factory in Russia, this tea set is 20 pieces because it consists of 1 teapot, 1 sugar bowl, 6 teacups, 6 saucers and 6 plates. Travel back in Imperial Russia and have a tea with Russian desserts. Listening to classical music by Russian composers will make you feel like an important guest.

Artcome Exquisite Tealyra - Matcha - Start-Up Kit


Artcome Japanese Matcha Tea Set, Matcha Whisk, Traditional Scoop, Matcha Bowl, Ceramic Whisk Holder, Matcha Caddy, Handmade Matcha Ceremony Kit For Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony (9Pcs)

This ceremonial matcha tea set is made of natural Chinese bamboo. The chasen (matcha whisk) makes the matcha drink creamy. There are not enough details why it is priced this way, but the design looks beautiful, especially for tea ceremony use.

Kutaniyaki Sakai Hyakkaen Kinhanazume Teapot Set


kutani hyakkaen kutani(yaki) Ware teapot Set kyusu yunomi Set kinhanazume feat.Decorated Base

Brewing tea leaves is now complete with a kyusu and yunomi set, but in this one, the golden flower and heart patterns are beautifully drawn for aesthetics. The design is inspired by hundreds of years of Kutani yaki making in Kaga. (currently Ishikawa Prefecture). The finishing touch makes this tea set look exquisite and can be matched with a wide-spaced, jewelry-decorated hotel café and lounge.

IKENAGA IRON WORKS Japanese Iron tea pot


IKENAGA IRON WORKS Japanese Iron tea pot TETSU BIN (electromagnetic) -NANBU TEKKI-

Surely not an ordinary teapot because of its price, this iron kettle pot is 4mm. thick, and it does not easily rust except if hot water is left to cool inside for too long. The teapot is made of cast iron and teakwood; this pot helps make the water boil faster. You can also hang the lid on the iron pot's brim, and it still won't get rust quickly.

Royalty Porcelain 10-Piece Antique RED Vintage Dining Tea Cup Set for 6


Royalty Porcelain 10-Piece Antique RED Vintage Dining Tea Cup Set, Service for 6, Handmade and Hand-Painted, 24K Gold Bone China Tableware

Handmade and hand-painted 24K Gold Bone China teaware set. It is like returning to the Victorian era again. The Bone China and royalty porcelain material this set has shown will make it an excellent display on a luxurious dining room inside the mansion. However, this might be too delicate to use for drinking tea.

Alessi | Tea Rex - Design Kettle with Handle and Dragon-Shaped Whistle, Stainless Steel


Alessi | Tea Rex - Design Kettle with Handle and Dragon-Shaped Whistle, Stainless Steel, Black

Alessi is a leading Italian company doing high-quality metal works. The stainless-steel Tea Rex Kettle is compatible with stove burners and induction cookers. This kettle is pretty safe to use with a dragon figure serving as a whistle, mirror-polished steel, and a firm grip handle. Alessi created the Tea Rex kettle in celebration of the 30th year of the Kettle 9093.

You might be thinking now that we will mention 10 expensive tea items but no! We want to add this one high-quality “expensive” tea, but not highly expensive since the quality and quantity match the price.

Japanese Green Tea Co Green Tea Assortment – The Covered Trio 3-Piece Japanese Tea Set


 Japanese Green Tea Co Green Tea Assortment – The Covered Trio 3-Piece Japanese Tea Set – Includes Matcha, Gyokuro, Nozomi – Single Origin and Natural Pure Leaf Tea

3 in 1 premium green tea collection where you can enjoy matcha and loose tea leaves. The set has Matcha, Gyokuro and Nozomi. These are all natural and have no GMOs and no dangerous fillers. Tea connoisseurs will surely love these.

Indeed, some of these are reasonably priced while others are just for the rich people's enjoyment. What is important is we can really afford everything extra we buy and has value to us.

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