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Top 7 Tea Books of All Time for Tea Lovers

The aromatic goodness of tea is hard to beat. There is a simplicity to heating water and steeping tea, holding the warm cup against your heart, and sipping liquid goodness. Tea lovers come in all shapes and sizes.

As you may know, I am the author of four published books about green tea, but I often get asked what other books I recommend.

Below are 7 books I personally like that are likely to fuel your love while educating you on the art of all things tea.

1. "20,000 Secrets of Tea: The Most Effective Ways to Benefit from Nature’s Healing Herbs" by Victoria Zak

Teas have so many healing benefits hidden in their leaves. This guide offers a plethora of ailments and ways herbs can treat them. One of the many benefits of learning about the healing properties of different teas is that they are easy to obtain and inexpensive to boot. Find all the delicious and relaxing ways to heal your body with simple teas. This book is a wonderful resource for any home.

2. “The Book of Tea” by Kakuzo Okakura

Book of Tea

A scholar of Japanese heritage, Kakuzo Okakura was best known in America as the Curator of Chinese and Japanese art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. If you have ever been interested in the distinctly eastern mindset toward Teaism, Okakura is prepared to show you the ins and outs of Japanese tea culture in "The Book of Tea". It is a great introduction to Japanese thinking and culture and covers everything, including origins, religious influences, history, and ceremonies. It is about more than just tea; It is about Japanese heritage and culture.

3. “Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties” by Kevin Gascoyne, Francois Marchand, and Jasmin Desharais

With beautifully vibrant photos, this is the tea reference book you’ve been waiting for. Chock full of teas from around the world, "Tea: History, Terroirs, and Varieties" is comprehensive without being overwhelming. You can learn not only about different teas from different regions but also about their histories, ceremonies, preparation, recipes, and more.

I had the pleasure of personally meeting with the author at the World Tea Expo last year. He is a wonderful person to talk with and has lots of passion for tea and the tea business. His book also reflects his personality.

Does reading more about tea makes my tea taste better?

4.Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea: Discovering Producing Regions and Their Teas” by Jane Pettigrew

If you are ready to take your tea knowledge to the next level, dive into "Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea". It will take you on a wonderful journey through 60 tea-producing regions of the world, touching on their history, local tea culture and rituals, terroir, cultivars, etc. Become a real tea connoisseur and enjoy your cuppa on a whole new level.

5.“Tea: A User’s Guide” by Tony Gebely

Drinking tea is such a relaxing experience. There is much more to that tea than knowing the perfect steep time. Tea has a rich history. This book will teach you not only about the history but also how to prepare and evaluate different varieties. You may even learn some fun facts that you never knew before.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tony at an event, and he belongs to the same group to which I belong. Here is a picture of Tony and me!

Tony Gebely and Kei Nishida
6.World Atlas of Tea: From the Leaf to the Cup, the World’s Teas Explored and Enjoyed” by Krisi Smith

Did you know that the United States is the fourth-largest consumer of tea in the world? That and many more interesting facts are covered in "World Atlas of Tea". It touches on the basics: brewing and drinking, blending, and country profiles. With specialty tea outlets popping up all over the place, this book will help you better appreciate the variety of teas you may stumble upon. You may discover why some teas from different regions and countries taste differently. You can even learn how to make the perfect cup of tea.

7.The Tea Book: All Things Tea” by Nick Kilby and Louise Cheadle:

This book is a wonderful encyclopedia of knowledge about tea. Tea comes in so many delicious varieties and blends that it can be hard to wade through them. Learn how to taste like a pro and even correct brewing methods. Once you know a little about tea, it will make your drinking experience exponentially better. "The Tea Book" has everything you need to know about tea. It is your definitive guide and a welcome addition to any tea lover’s library.

Bonus: The Ancient Art of Tea

Although this book is not about Japanese Tea (rather, it is about Chinese tea), Benjamin from the Green Tea Club Facebook Group recommended it, so I am adding it here. This book talks about tea from the Chinese tea perspective, and since I love Chinese tea as well, it is a great book to learn about tea from the origin of where it came from.

In Conclusion

As one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, tea is a soothing and aromatic beverage with many healing properties. Whether you are a new tea drinker or a lifetime consumer, there are many interesting books available on the topic that can take your tea knowledge to the next level. From green tea to black tea and everything in between, learn about the history of these leaves, the cultures that grew around this beverage, traditional and unique recipes, and much, much more. So put the kettle on, grab a cozy blanket, and settle down for some light reading accompanied by your favorite tea flavor.

• Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.
The commission also supports us in producing better content when you buy through our site links.
Thanks for your support.
- Kei and Team at Japanese Green Tea Co.

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