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Kei Nishida’s Green Tea Comic is on sale in the Crypto World (NFT)

My childhood dream was to become a comic writer.

In Japan, comic artists are like Hollywood stars in the USA.

Growing up in Japan, I dreamed of becoming one when I grew up.

One of the reasons I enjoy blogging, I think, is so that I can share a bit of a comic with you in the blog post. (I hope you like it....)

Have you heard about NFT?

I have heard about NFT for artists, so I thought I would try it out for fun. : ) 

I have to say that the world of crypto is... challenging. 

I thought of this idea last year, and it took so many trials and errors to be able to share "something" with you finally, and I am still learning.

The whole Crypto and NFT world is a wild west, like the initial age of the internet, where everyone is figuring it out.

If you have tried some of them, I think you know what I am talking about. If you have not, please see below about trying out with me.

Who is going to buy that?

My Comic is on NFT

So here it is. I have put all the comics I drew for the blog on the most popular (supposedly) NFT Market, Open Sea.

Click here or the image below to access the Open Sea Page with my comics.

Open Sea Kei Nishida Green Tea Comic


Join Green Tea Crypto Club!

Which one is your favorite comic of mine? Claim it before someone else does!

I am also starting something new.

If you own one of my comic pieces (Only about 80 at this point), I welcome you to be part of the Green Tea Crypto Club with me.

Here is what you get to do to be part of the club:

  • Merit 1: VIP Access to Kei's Personal Discount
  • Merit 2: Support Kei's comic, art, and what he does! (Thank you!)
  • Merit 3: These comics may be worth a lot more in the future, and you can resell them (Nah... : ) only time will tell...)
  • Merit 4: Understand and support that NFT will support great artists in a way that is equal and fair to the artists.
  • Merit 5: People are "talking about" NFT and Crypto, and you can brag that you have one (haha)

    Take a Journey with me to explore Crypto World

    If you know about NFT and Crypto, great!

    If not, would you like to experiment with the journey with me to buy your first NFT?

    Please note that I am also a super beginner and am still learning.

    I also want to warn you that it may take up to one month for you to actually be able to buy NFT. (That is how long it took me!)

    How to Buy NFT on Open Sea

    There may be other ways, but this is what I did.

    1. Sign up for Coinbase.

    (Note that if you use this link, you get a $10 bonus, and I also get $10 when you trade $100.)

    2. Purchase Ethereum using Coinbase

    3. Sign up for a Coinbase Wallet or Metamask Wallet.

    4. Transfer the Ethereum from Coinbase to a Coinbase or Metamask Wallet.

    5. Create an account with OpenSea and connect to Coinbase Wallet or Metamask Wallet.

    As you can see, there are lots of steps to getting NFT. Each step may ask you for a hold period, and it could take a month (for me, it did) to get to the point where you can buy NFT. (yeah... I know)

    Transaction Fees on Open Sea when buying NFT

    I have to be honest and say that when you purchase NFT on Open Sea, you may be charged about $50 for the transaction fee. (Yeah, I know...)

    I learned later that I should be using the Polygon network instead of the Ethereum network, but it was too late. (They charge $80 per artwork to switch! :0)

    So instead, I lowered the actual price of the artwork to about $5 so that it is not too much for you.

    More recent uploads are on the Polygon network, but the initial ones are on Ethereum.

    Not interested in NFT?  How about Bitcoin?

    As far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong), you cannot buy NFT using Bitcoin. When people talk about crypto, the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin. 

    But I learned that there are many more types of cryptocurrency than Bitcoin, and the NFT sold on Open Sea uses Ethereum. 

    If you are not interested in purchasing NFT but want to buy Bitcoin, here are the sites I use to purchase Bitcoin. 

    When you use the link below, I get a little love of commission, and you also get some incentive. : ) 

    • Swan Bitcoin
      Swan Bitcoin

      This is my personal favorite. As far as I researched, it has the lowest fee for purchasing bitcoin if you buy $50 per week (the plan I am on). I like the set-and-forget approach, leveraging the Dollar Cost Average.

      Use this link to get $10 (no need to purchase anything) and a free book for learning Bitcoin:

    • Coin Base
      Coin Base

      This is probably the most popular one. I enjoyed their unique Super Bowl commercial earlier.

      Use this link to get $10 when you make $100 or more in purchases: (I also get $10 when you get $10)

    • Gemini

      The fee is about the same as Coinbase, but I like the easy interface and the option to earn interest on the cryptocurrency that you are holding.

      Use this link to get $10 when you make $100 or more purchases: (I also get $10 when you get $10).

    • Nexo

      It is supposed to have a lower transaction fee, but I had a tough time getting support from them. If you are looking for a low-fee option, they are supposed to be it. I initially tried this as they have an opportunity to earn interest in cryptocurrency, but I realized that some states are not allowed, so I decided not to use it after all.

      Use this link to get $25 when you make $25 or more in purchases: (I also get $25 when you get $25)
    • Cash App
      Cash App

      I see many small shops using this app for rewards these days, and yes, you can buy Bitcoin here too. Since I use it often when I go to cafes, it was easy for me to buy it. You can also use it to send cash to someone.

      Use this link to get $5 when you first activate your cash card and send $5 to someone: 

     I'm Still Learning

    If you know me, I get curious about many things.  I am new to this, and I am in no way an expert on it. 

    I just wanted to share what I am doing so that you can take a journey with me if you are interested. : ) 

    Thank you very much for all your support.  


    Kei Nishida

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