Tokoname Teapot FAQ

  • Can I use a dishwasher?
    Yes, the teapot is dishwasher-safe, and recommended to use them for washing as long as it is secured and does not get moved.

  • Can I use a microwave?
    No. You cannot use a microwave.

  • How to use this teapot?
    Please boil water I. Separate the pan and pour hot water into the teapot. Please do not put the teapot over the hot stove to boil water. Please refer to this page for how you can prepare tasty Japanese green tea.

  • Do I need to rinse it out or prime it before using it?
    Yes, we suggest using hot water to rinse before using the teapot. This not only removes any residuals from the teapot but also allows for retaining the temperature of the water when pouring hot water.

  • Some people say to fill the pot with 80%, and I don’t know what that means.
    This means that you do not want to fill the hot water to the top of the lid when you steep the tea. This prevents water from spilling from the top lid and also gives a better fragrance when pouring the tea.

  • What are the differences between the two tokonameyaki teapots you carry?
    We have two types: One with a removable filter and one without.
    Other than the obvious design differences, the main difference is that this one has a detachable filter, and the other one does not. The detachable filter makes it easier to clean. In terms of the quality of the clay, which augments the taste, they are both the same.