Scientifically Proven 7 Health Effects of Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea - Issaku

Olong tea, Black tea, White tea and Green tea have been known to have good effect for health. Due to the way green tea is prepared without much of processing, green tea has far more benefit than other type of tea. In this article, we would like to introduce scientifically proven 7 effects of Japanese green tea.

1. Protect Heart

Having 2 to 3 cups of green tea decrease risk of heart problems. Green tea has effect of softening the arteries of the heart; therefore, having green tea makes resistance to changes in blood pressure during day. Also antioxidant element "Flavonoids" contained in green tea make endothelial cells activate which prevents clogging of blood vessel.

2. Increase Immunity System

Japanese Green Tea contains "Catechin" which has effect to fight off virus.
In one of clinical researches, it was proven that green tea has effect of reducing flu virus in the body. This is due to the fact that green tea in body increases "T cell" which is makes immunity system stronger.

3. Reduce Weight

One of the elements contained in Green tea is "Catechin", this element is known to have effect to increase metabolism in the body. During study conducted in 2011, mouses were fed with food which has high calories. Mouse fed with green tea and high calories food had less weight than mouse without green tea after period of one month.

4. Prevent Dementia

Research conducted against 14,000 patients above 65 years of age proved that individuals who has been drinking green tea regularly is less likely to have Dementia over those who are not drinking. Those who have been drink green tea on regular basis are likely to be able to perform daily tasks easily such as taking shower and changing clothes.

5. Prevent Diabetes

Green tea has effect to decrease blood sugar level. By research in the past, who is drinking green tea regularly decreased diabetes risk to 1/3.

6. Decrease Cholesterol Level

Element contained in green tea called "Polyphenol" blocks absorbs cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) level. It was recorded that a person who has been drinking green tea has effect of reducing LDL by 5-6 points.

7. Increase Memory

In previous research, it was proven that green tea activate grows brain cells and increase memory and learning ability.

Source: Huffington Post - Green Tea Benefits: How The Drinking Improves Your Heath