Revolutionizing Japanese Green Tea Distribution in USA


Revolutionizing Japanese Green Tea Distribution in USA

Japan is the eighth largest tea producer in the world (88,900 tons per year), but only three percent of its production is exported outside of Japan. One of the reasons is the complicated process of processing tea and exporting from Japan.

Traditionally, green tea is produced by a farmer, processed and packaged by different companies, and then goes through wholesalers and retailers to reach Japanese consumers. When exporting, it is handled by yet another importer and retailer companies in USA to reach American consumers.

When ordering directly from Japanese companies online, it takes anywhere between 7 - 40 days which is due to custom check at US ports. Food is highly regulated in US customs, and it can take anywhere between a week and a month for the clearance in storage environment where temperature is not controlled. Not only does it take long, customers are usually charged with high oversea transaction fees by credit card companies.

JapaneseGreenTeaIn is revolutionizing the Japanese green tea buying process by partnering with Arahataen Inc. who not only farm quality green tea, but also process and package in-house. We get shipments via air directly regularly, handling all the customs and duties.

When you order tea from us, we ship you fresh tea using USPS directly shipped from the state of Washington, and you receive your tea in 1 - 5 days. By cutting all the "middle-men" and long processes, you get fresh green tea right at your door in 1 - 5 days.
You will also not be charged by oversea credit card processing fees and you can call us anytime at our toll-free number: 1-800-380-7030.

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