About Tea Filter

  • Premium Quality: Made using high-quality material, our tea bags for loose-leaf tea are strong enough to allow maximum penetration and are resistant to high temperatures. The eco-friendly tea bag allows the tea to seep through more quickly and easily, for long intervals, helping you to get the most out of your leaves. Simply discard these disposable tea bags after use and enjoy your tea.

  • Safe and Natural: These 100% natural coffee tea bags are made using natural, non-toxic material to provide you with a safe and reliable product. The odorless paper bag is free from any kind of artificial chemicals or preservatives that can harm you in any way. Contribute towards a clean environment using these biodegradable filter paper bags.

  • Functional Built: The empty tea bags are strategically designed to be oversized to allow your tea leaves to unfurl fully so that they can release maximum flavor and aroma. The loose tea bag has a widened bottom to let them spread and brew quite well. A tight seal makes them ideal for long-term brewing without letting any loose tea leaves contaminate your tea.

  • Easy To Use: Our empty tea bags for loose tea are safe and convenient to be used for hot as well as cold brew, instant as well as a 24-hour brew. These durable loose-leaf paper bags will not lose their shape and seal even after long hours of brewing. The disposable mesh bag has just the right size to fit any teacup, mug, or pot for brewing your drink.

  • Multipurpose Bags: The package contains 144 or 504 superior quality loose-leaf tea bags that are going to be your long-term brewing partners. You can use the white tea bag for loose tea leaves, coffee, iced coffee, iced tea, herbs, spices, herbal tea, scented tea, soups, herbal medicine, and a lot more. These minimalist tea infuser bags are ideal for keeping in your travel bag to carry with you everywhere and also for people without access to teapots.