Japanese Green Tea and Diet Pu-Erh Tea - Sample Set

Steeping Guide
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    3.5 oz (100g) x 2 Green Tea Packs and Pu-Erh Tea (5g x 10 tea bags) 90- 120 Cups (Each Pack Makes 30 - 40 cups)
    (55 cents per cup)

    41 cents per cup
    Type Loose Leave Authentic Japanese Green Tea (No Additives), Sencha, Ryoku-cha and Pu-Erh Tea
    Caffeine per Serving 34 mg (about 1/3 of cup of coffee)
    Country of Origin 100 % Made in Japan
    Vegetarian 100% Natural Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Cruelty-Free 

    Tasting Notes
    Issaku Steeping Guide

    Health Benefit: 

     Good for Diet (High in Polyphenol, Catechin, EGCG Element)
     Reduces Absorption Activity in Stomach (High in and Gallic acid)
     Makes Skin Smooth  (High in Taedenol Element)
     Rich in Vitamin C and E
     0 Cholesterol, 0 Sodium 
     Low in Caffeine (34mg per cup - third of coffee)

     Product Description

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    Diet Pu-Erh Tea

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    • Nutrition Facts

      Amount Per Serving - Serving Size 1 tablespoon (7 g) - Makes 11 oz (350 ml) 

      Calories 22.3 k.cal      (Calories from Fat 0)
      Total Fat 0.34 g    
            Saturated Fat 0.047 g
            Trans Fat 0 g
      Cholesterol 0 mg
      Sodium 0 g
      Total Carbohydrate 2.62 g
      Dietary Fiber 0 g
      Sugars 0 g
      Protein 2.20 g
      List of Ingredients Green Tea
      Caffeine per serving 34 mg (about a third of cup of coffee)
      Declaration Regarding Veg or Non-Veg Veg
      Declaration of Food Additives None
      Country of Origin 100 % Made in Japan
      Name and Complete Address of Green Tea Farm Arahataen Inc. 257 Nunohikihara Makinoharashi
      Shizuoka Japan 421-0407 Japan
    • Aracha (Crude Tea) - What is it?

      Aracha translates to "Wild Tea" in English. It is also known as crude tea.  Aracha is green tea, where the process keeps the original shape as it is cropped. Most green teas consumed are refined and processed. In Japan, green tea is usually sold from the farmer to wholesaler, where it gets processed and refined. When the tea is provided to the wholesaler, the form of it is usually the unprocessed Aracha. This type of green tea is normally not distributed to consumers. However, due to being able to enjoy rich and natural taste and flavor, some fans prefer drinking this type.

      Freshly harvested sprouts are being steamed right away and dried. We pick and knead the soft new leaves gently.  The process is fairly simple, and may not look elegant. However, the aroma is so intense, it makes you feel as if you just got lost in a green tea processing factory.

      You can enjoy this tea which includes twig tea, coarse, broken tea leaves, and powdered tea. Crude tea leaves produce a beautifully colored drink, with a mild and unique taste.

      Benefits and Nutrients of Aracha (Crude Tea)

      Tea leaves may not be very beautiful to look at, but the final cup of tea is very beautiful indeed! With a dark green hue and a rich, robust taste, enjoyment is at its very best. Water insoluble vitamins and nutrients can also be readily imbibed though this tea.

      Since the buds and stems are soft and rich in nutrients and catechins, a robust and nutritive, flavorful tea is created. Deep green in color and robust in flavor and taste, this tea is recommended for seasoned drinkers who take pride in finding and enjoying only the highest quality teas.

      Aracha is also full of nutrients; more so than other refined tea due to the nature of "natural" state of the tea. It is known that there are four types of catechins (tannins) contained in unprocessed tea leaves: Epicatechin, Epigallocatechin, Epicatechin gallate and Epigallocatechin gallate.

      After steam processing in the factory, four new catechins are created, resulting, finally, in 8 different types:

      • Epicatechin → Catechin
      • Epigallocatechin → Gallocatechin
      • Epicatechin gallate → Catechin gallate
      • Epigallocatechin gallate → Gallocatechin gallate

      When brewed at high temperatures astringency components dissolve readily, releasing more catechins and creating a more astringent tea.

      Using cooler water (or ice water) will result in less catechins being dissolved and a less astringent but mellower taste. To get more of catechines in cold tea, you could first brew tea in hot water for 3 minutes then use ice to cool them. (For our tea which is type of fukamushi-tea aka deep-steamed green tea, 3 minutes is recommended, but for regular green tea, you can boil for 5 minutes.)

      The gallate catechins work to reduce the absorption of fat and cholesterol; therefore, Aracha Green Tea is good for diet.

      Aracha is the way Green Tea Farmers Have been Drinking for Generations

      Though it is not commonly distributed to consumers, this is how green tea has been enjoyed among farmers for generations. Arahataen is a farmer industry and also owns facilities to process green tea. Therefore, we are able to distribute this type of green tea to the consumers easily. The cost is also more economical than other items, as the process is simple and take less time, enabling us to price the product cheaper to the consumer.


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    Steeping Guide

    Steeping Guide - Hot

    1. Dissolve 2 teaspoon of powder into 8 Oz of hot water. We recommend about 175°F for most common green tea.

      Please note that our product page has different recommended temperature based on type of tea between 175°F- 185°F; however, 175°F can be the most common and standard temperature that would work for any type of our green tea.

      Steeping Guide on JapaneseGreenTeaIn.com

    2. Wait for 60-120 seconds  (Please follow steeping guide on the product for specific time based on type of tea.)

    3. Use mesh strainer to filter out the green tea leave and serve hot

    Steeping Guide - Cold

    1. Dissolve 3-4 teaspoon of powder into 30 Oz of cold water.  For best result, use filtered water, bottled water. Alternatively, you can boil water and let it cool down until room temperature. 

    2. Keep in refrigerator for 3 hours or more. Key point is to use longer time to disolve. This way, sweetness increases, and it does not break down theanine and vitamine C.  For best result, let it sit for overnight. 

    3. Stair the water first, then use mesh strainer to filter out the green tea leave and serve cold.