Best dirt brings the best green tea

Passion for Dirt

Arahataen's motto is "Passion for dirt". We believe that the best dirt brings the best green tea! Our creation of best green tea starts with preparing the dirt. Good dirt grows strong tea plants, strong tea plants bring finest tea leaves. We absolutely do not compromise the quality of dirt at any given time.

Chagusaba Method - Designated by The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

To bring the best dirt, Arahataen uses the "Chagusaba Method". This method was officially designated as GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems) by The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in May 2013. Arahataen is registered as #1 practitioners for using this method. 

What is the Chagusaba Method

The Chagusaba Method is a traditional green tea farming method used for centuries in areas where plants such as Japanese silver grass is being cut and used as organic fertilizer once a year between autumn and winter. Plants are cut into small pieces and being carefully placed on the ground of the farm land. This increases the temperature and moisture of dirt which fertilize the dirt better. Japanese silver grass also contains a lot of silicic acid, which is great for making the dirt richer. This process is extremely labor intensive, but the tradition has been followed for centuries in the area to create the best green tea. Read more about Chagusaba Method on our blog.

Steeping Guide