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About Podcast

Hi, I’m Ricardo. I’ve always been drawn to the Japanese culture, for some reason I can’t explain.
I have studied the Japanese language until achieving a reasonably high level of proficiency (passed N1 level in the JLPT) and even lived there for some time.

Why I started this website

I was born in Colombia but oddly enough I never liked coffee. I think it smells nice, but that’s about it. Too much caffeine makes me anxious.
While at Japan, I had my first exposure to green tea. Its everywhere you go, you can’t miss green tea in Japan, a lot of restaurants will even serve it for free. I liked it immediately, began to learn all about it, and now I drink it daily.

I’m the first Colombian to obtain the certification of Japanese Tea Advisor by the Nihoncha Instructor Association.

My mission

In Asia, for a very long time green tea has been number 1, unlike the West where black tea is more popular. However, the situation is slowly changing. There is a tea renaissance happening outside Asia, each day new tea enthusiasts join the cause.

I want to fulfill my part by writing about Japanese green teas. I believe that one day, words like sencha and matcha will be as common as espresso and cappuccino.

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