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Sharon W - by , Marach 13, 2019

Tea Bag - Roasted Tea - Hojicha (50 tea bags)

Roasted Tea (Hojicha ほうじ茶 - A.K.A houjicha) has less caffeine than steamed green tea. Based on how the tea is roasted (temperature, duration, etc), we were able to retain more catechin than other hojicha in the market.

This is a teabag version of our popular hojicha roasted tea.  A total of 50 tea bags are in the package, and inside the tea bag is the exact same high-quality popular hojicha loose leaf tea. (Click here to view loose leaf version

Freshly harvested premium quality tea is roasted carefully in porcelain over charcoal for maximum flavor. 

Hojicha has lower caffeine and less bitter than other tea, it is good to take at night for relaxation. Because of the low level of caffeine and soft taste, it is safe and food tea for kids and the pregnant woman.  


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